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Yankees Or Mets? Who Fared Better In The MLB Amateur Draft?

Let me start by saying it is impossible to judge how any team has done in a player draft immediately after its conclusion. Players have not yet played any games, or even taken the field for a workout. Shoot, in the case of the recently drafted players in the Major League Baseball draft, most of these guys have probably not even tried on a uniform yet.

That said, John Sickels of SB Nation's fabulous Minor League Ball website, is reviewing the drafts of each major league team. Smartly, John is not grading each draft. Rather, just summarizing and opining on what he liked/did not like.

Here is Sickels discussing what the Mets did.

The Mets are usually conservative in the draft. I rated Harvey as a late first round talent, and since he won't be cheap to sign, it is a bit of an unusual selection for the Mets, granted his upside is high. Forsythe, dan Dekker, and Peavey are OK picks but not spectacular, all possible role players. Vaughn is a high-risk/high-reward player but I like him in the fourth round; he could be very good if he can cut back on the strikeouts a bit. Picks seven through ten are actually pretty interesting: four live arms that are fairly raw but could be very good if refined properly. Overall, this class is another so-so outing for a team with the financial resources to make a much bigger splash.    

There were better players than (third-round pick Blake, a catcher) Forsythe still available in the third round, for example: Austin Wates, Zach Cates, Aaron Shipman, and Chris Hawkins were the next four choices in the round, and I can't see how Forsythe is a better prospect than those guys except for a lower price tag. If they really wanted a college catcher, Micah Gibbs was still available. I'm not trying to pick on Forsythe; he's not a bad prospect, but I just think the Mets need to be more aggressive. They have the money, there's no excuse not to.

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Now let's look at what Sickels thinks of what the Yankees did.

The selection of Culver confused a lot of people and has Yankees fans up in arms. It was certainly an unexpected choice, and on paper it looks like a significant overdraft. However, I've been doing this kind of work long enough to know that the "sure" picks often don't work out and the weird ones sometimes do. I would have picked A.J. Cole or Tyrell Jenkins myself, but the Yankees didn't ask me. The rest of the class looks pretty good. I like Gumbs a lot, and the subsequent rounds mix college guys with high school guys, refined talents with upside, in a way that I like. Encinas could be a steal in the sixth round. Overall, despite the oddity of the Culver pick, there are things I like here.

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