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Can Star Power Woo LeBron To Knicks?

A group of New York celebrities has banded together to try and convince leBron James to join the Knicks.

The Knicks have formed a committee of celebrities to help woo LeBron James and other potential free agents interested in the Knicks, according to the New York Post (which got confirmation from the Knicks).

The committee includes Donald Trump, Chris Rock, John McEnroe, Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Simms and Knicks legend Willis Reed, among many others. Like Charlie Rose.

The Knicks deserve some credit. On the court the yare not winning, but Donnie Walsh has spent the last two years cleaning up the worst roster in the NBA — in terms of money paid per win — and getting it in a position to go after free agents and rebuild. Meanwhile they have put on a full court press off the court to highlight all their advantages.

The guess here is that all this star power, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ’C’mon LeBron’ campaign and anything else is still not going to be enough to bring LeBron to the Big Apple.