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SB Nation New York Top Five: Yankees Rule The City

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We asked SB Nation New York staff who the most popular teams in New York are. This is the list they came up with.

For this week's SB Nation New York Top Five, we asked which teams were New York's most popular. No surprise that the New York Yankees were the run-away winners in this election.

No. 1

Yankees -- Who else could it be? This one was unanimous among the six of us here on your SB Nation New York staff. I am a Yankees fan, but I would have been stunned if it had been any other way. Twenty-seven World Series titles, including last season's. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera ... the list of legendary names is seemingly endless. 

They are, and always will be most likely, the team that baseball seems to revolve around. Baseball is different when the Yankees are on top, or close to the top. And so is the city. 30 points.

No. 2

Giants -- Here again, longevity and a storied franchise history wins out. Aside from the Yankees, this is the franchise in the city with the richest history. Prior to the building of the new stadium, there was a years-long waiting list for season tickets. 20 points.

[Just a guess here, but I think the next three teams on this list are interchangeable based on who is up and who is down at any given time.]

No. 3

Jets -- The Rex Ryans get the third spot here, which is ammunition for my theory. With the bellicose Ryan as coach, the young mark Sanchez at quarterback, HBO's "Hard Knocks" featuring them and a berth in the AFC Championship Game last season they are the hot item right now. Let's just see how much long-term staying power they have. 14 points

No. 4

Mets -- The Mets have been up-and-down like yo-yo's this season. For the last few seasons, though, they have been mostly down. And that likely knocks them down at least one peg here. Mets fans won't like it, but I think this is where they belong right now. 11 points.

No. 5

Knicks -- Based on what they have done -- or haven't done -- in recent seasons this is exactly where the Knicks belong. Shoot, they might even belong off the list entirely. Now, if LeBron James shows up wearing a Knicks uniform next season we might need a re-vote. But, that is to be determined. 9 points.

Others receiving votes -- Devils (3 points), Rangers (2 points).