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Thanks, Orioles! Love, Yankees and Mets

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Ahhhh, Baltimore. It's a gift that keeps on giving. Charm City has given us crabcakes, The Wire... and, on second thought, that's kinda it. And without Baltimore, NY teams would be in serious trouble this season. 

The Orioles are in the midst of a six-game stretch against New York's squads. Five games in, they're 1-4 thus far. 

Yes, the Orioles are disturbingly bad this year - 17-45, which works out to a .274 winning percentage, which is a pretty mediocre batting average - but as the Mets look to finish off a three game sweep of the O's, it's important to note that NY teams have managed to be even more successful than most.  I'll show how the Mets and Yanks have teed off against the Bodymore nine after the jump.

Yankees - 10-2 vs. Baltimore

The Yankees are 21-15 since May 1st, but take out the nine games - and eight wins - they had against the league's worst team, and things look a little bit more bleak. May - where the Yanks went 13-12 overall was after the Yanks won two of three from Baltimore. Over the course of the teams' four series this year - of which the Yankees swept two - the Yanks had a 10-game winning streak that saw them outscore the O's 61-24.

Mets - 2-0 vs. Baltimore

Obviously, smaller sample size, but there's nothing to cure what ails you like a series against Baltimore. Let's put it this way: the Mets hadn't won a road series all year - two games in, they've already clinched the series and are looking for their first road seep of the year.