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New York Jets Slashing PSL Prices at New Meadowlands Stadium

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The New York Jets have finally given in and slashed prices for the remaining personal seat licenses both they and the New York Giants are forcing fans to buy at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

The move is a surprise, as team owner Woody Johnson said last month he would not cut the rates on the PSLs. About 9,000 unsold PSLs remain.

But the threat of unsold seats -- and correspondingly a home TV blackout -- may have motivated the Jets, with the season opener about three months away.

"We expect that at these prices the remaining seats will move pretty quickly and be sold out in time for the season opener," Jets vice president Matt Higgins said. "The only other time PSL prices were adjusted was in February and those seats sold out in two weeks."

I'm sure no one is going to feel badly for Jets' owner Woody Johnson. The PSLs have already drawn plenty of outrage from fans of both teams.