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New York Giants (8-4) At Minnesota Vikings (5-7): Playoffs, Pride Push Giants

The New York Giants will have a lot on the line when they travel to Minnesota this weekend to face the Vikings. First and foremost, of course, the Giants (8-4) need to keep winning to maintain a realistic shot at making the playoffs in the NFC. Additionally, the Giants would like to avenge last season's embarrassing season-ending 44-7 loss to Minnesota.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin is keenly aware of the crowded playoff picture.

" I just think it's reality and it is what it is. We're very aware of it, and in order to keep pace with the way in which it's going and unfolding, you have to keep winning. You have to put yourself in that position," Coughlin said. "There isn't any doubt in anybody's minds that when we come to work in the exciting time of the year that it is, and it's exciting because when you win, you give yourself another opportunity and that's what you're trying to do is trying to create an opportunity for your team to be in position."

There is also the small matter of having been embarrassed last season, and of having lost four straight games to the Vikings overall.

"Let's just say we haven't forgotten what happened there. I'll just leave it at that," said Giants' lineman Chris Snee. "We know what the final score was and we know what happened in there. It's already been talked about. Let's leave it at that."

Though it's not certain yet if any of their injured players will return to action Sunday, the Giants do appear to be getting healthier as the stretch run arrives.

Speaking of injuries, the Vikings are expecting quarterback Brett Favre to play despite the shoulder injury he suffered last Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

"Brett’s our starting quarterback and if he’s healthy, I mean, he’s gonna be out there," coach Leslie Frazier said. "If there’s any definition of an Iron Man, it would be Brett Favre. I mean, it’s incredible what he’s accomplished in his career. For a quarterback to play that many consecutive games? I don’t think that’s a streak that will ever be broken. But he can still play at a high level and there’s no question in my mind, if he’s healthy he’ll lead us to a win on Sunday."

Favre was not expected to practice today, but is expected to do so on Thursday.

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