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NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: Jets, Giants In Good Position

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NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 14 will be released on Tuesday, and right now it is impossible to tell for sure if either of the New York teams can make a move up the leaderboard.

This week's AFC Game of the Century, at least the biggest game ever played since the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Baltimore Ravens, 13-10, Sunday night features the 9-2 New York Jets and New England Patriots. The Jets were No. 3 last week behind Atlanta and New England in the power rankings and also No. 3 in the aggregate rankings.

They will unquestionably move past New England with a victory tonight, and will likely get lots of support for the top spot. A loss, and they will likely drop two or three spots.

The New York Giants should move up a couple of spots in the SBNation poll, where they were 12th last week. Both the Indianapolis Colts (10th) and San Diego Chargers (11th) lost Sunday, so that would make sense. They should also pass the Chargers for 10th spot in the aggregate rankings. They were 110th a week ago.