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New York Jets At New England Patriots: Final Thoughts

Are we there yet?

1. Get After the Quarterback - Both teams have struggled rushing the passer throughout the 2010 season. The deciding factor in this game could very well be which team can get into the opposing quaterback's face more consistently. In an evenly matched game like this one, sacks and the turnovers that result from a strong pass rush should make the difference.

2. Cold Weather Myth - Mark Sanchez has a great chance tonight to show he can win a big game in winter conditions. It is going to be cold, windy, and probably snowing...because we all know Bill Belichick has control of the weather up there.

3. Response Time - It will be very interesting to see how this team responds to the playoff like atmosphere in this game, coming off an extended week to prepare. A strong start is a must to settle the crowd and not force the Jets out of their game plan,

4. Big Time Players, Make Big Time Plays - This is the kind of game we traded for Santonio Holmes for, so he can exploit a weak, inexperienced secondary. This is the kind of game we gave Darrelle Revis all that money for, so he can shut Wes Welker down in key spots or take Deion Branch out of this game. This the kind of game we signed Jason Taylor for, so he could provide a pass rush on Tom Brady.

5. Lead The League In Wins - No better way to back up your big mouth coach's words than by getting a win tonight.