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Baseball Winter Meetings: Yankees, Mets News And Rumors

All kidding aside, and yes if you could not tell I was kidding in my earlier Winter Meetings Preview, New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson does have a plan for coming back from next week's meetings with "good players." And no, the plan for the financially-strapped Mets does not include begging for spare change.

It does include bargain shopping for pitching help, a backup catcher and a reserve outfielder.

"I can guarantee you, we'll come back with some good players," Alderson said. "I can't guarantee how high-profile they will be, or how many."
Alderson Friday offered a glimpse at what the Mets roster might look for 2011. It seems likely to include Oliver Perez. It won't include reliever Pedro Feliciano or John Maine, and seems unlikely to include Henry Blanco. Alderson also told reporters he will not give shortstop Jose Reyes or pitcher R.A. Dickey contract extensions this offseason. He actually wants to watch them play first -- a novel concept.

It seems improbably that Alderson will make a major splash next week. A few small moves to improve the roster and help the long-term future would, however, make it a good week.

The meetings will run from Monday, Dec. 6 thru Thursday, Dec. 9.