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NFL Power Rankings, Week 17: How Far Will Giants Fall?

Where will the New York Jets and New York Giants be when SB Nation releases its Week 17 NFL Power Rankings on Tuesday? Here is a better question -- does it really matter? The Jets have qualified for the AFC playoffs, while the Giants find themselves on the outside looking and needing help to reach the NFC tourney.

The Jets were No. 5 a week ago, and I would guess they will drop a notch or two after watching their defense get torched in a 38-34 loss to the Chicago Bears. I would also guess that the Jets and their fans could care less, since they have already punched their ticket to the dance.

The Giants were No. 10 a week ago, and there is no question they will tumble out of the top 10 this time around. After Sunday's devastating 45-17 loss to Green Bay there is no way to call the Giants a top 10 team right now. More importantly for the Giants, they have now put themselves in a situation where even a victory on Sunday against Washington won't get them into the playoffs without help from other places.