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NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Jets, Giants Should Switch Places

With just two weeks left in the season NFL Power Rankings take a backseat to NFL Playoff Scenarios in terms of importance. Either your team is in the playoffs, has a shot to get in, or its players are already packing their bags and planning their off-season vacations. Power rankings don't matter -- not that they ever really do, anyway.

That said, media outlets everywhere -- including SB Nation -- will be coming out with power rankings on Tuesday. So, for us here at SB Nation New York the obvious concern is where the New York Jets and New York Giants will end up.

Most likely I think we see the two locals flip-flop spots, or something close to that. The Giants were No. 8 a week ago and the Jets No. 11 in the SB Nation Week 15 Power Rankings. That should reverse itself this time around.

The Giants should take a big tumble, maybe well past 11, after Sunday's debacle against Philadelphia that saw them blow a 24-3 lead and lose, 38-31.

On the heels of two bad losses, the Jets did the exact opposite. They went into Pittsburgh, a place where they had never won a game, and pulled off an unexpected 22-17 victory. That puts them back on the right track with two games remaining, and I am almost certain puts them in the top 10 in whatever power rankings you pay attention to.