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NFL Playoff Scenarios, Week 16: Giants Still Control Own Destiny In NFC

The New York Giants lost control of the NFC East on Sunday, but they did not lose control of their own playoff destiny in the NFC playoff picture. The Giants are still in position to earn a wild-card berth, and can do so by winning their remaining games at Green Bay and Washington.

The Giants have to bounce back, go to Green Bay and win next Sunday. If they do that they are in. If they don't, all bets are off the final week of the season when they visit the Redskins.'s Peter King has the playoff lowdown.

If the Packers win out (Giants, Bears at home), they're in. If the Giants win out (at Packers, at Redskins), they're in. But Green Bay likely has to win two to make it, because beating the Giants and losing to Chicago can be trumped by the Giants simply splitting.
So, the Giants control their own destiny -- for now. If they go to Green Bay and win they are in. If they go to Lambeau and lose then a victory over Washington in the final game of the season might not be enough to get them in.

Atlanta has already clinched a playoff berth and looks like it will win the NFC South. The Chicago Bears could pretty much wrap up the NC North with a win tonight over Minnesota. The West is a battle between the 6-8 Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams, and 5-9 San Francisco 49ers. The New Orleans Saints look to have one wild-card locked up.

So, basically, it is down to the Packers and Giants for the final spot.