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NFL Playoff Scenarios, Week 16: Jets In Good Shape

The New York Jets got themselves back on track Sunday with a surprising 22-17 victory in Pittsburgh over the 10-4 Steelers, a place the Jets had never won before. They also pretty much guaranteed themselves a wild-card berth in the AFC playoffs.

The AFC playoff picture is now pretty clear. The New England Patriots (12-2) have clinched a playoff spot, and will win the AFC East. Pittsburgh clinched a spot despite Sunday's loss, but whether the Steelers or Baltimore Ravens will win the AFC North is yet to be determined. Both are 10-4, and Pittsburgh holds the tie-breaker edge. As far as getting into the playoffs, though, it doesn't matter. The Steelers are in, and the Ravens have only the 5-9 Browns and 3-11 Bengals left on their schedule.

The Jets have a two-game lead over Jacksonville, Indianapolis and San Diego (all 8-6) for the final wild-card. They finish the season at Chicago against the 9-4 Bears and home against the 4-10 Buffalo Bills.

If the playoffs started today: The Patriots would be the top seed and the No. 2 seed would be the Steelers, with both teams getting first-round byes. The third-seeded Chiefs would be hosting the Jets and the Colts would host the Ravens.