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New York Jets At Pittsburgh Steelers - The P's Are Keys To A Jets Victory

It is without question going to be an ardous task for the Jets to get a victory this Sunday and they are rightly major underdogs. However, here is how they can pull the upset --

1. Points, Points, Points - The Jets need points from their defense or special teams to supplement their offense on Sunday. Their best bet is Santonio Holmes taking one to the house on a punt or Antonio Cromartie taking advantage of an errant Ben Roethlisberger pass.

2. Pressure - Pittsburgh has struggled to protect Roethlisberger in the pocket and because of that, struggled to consistently move the football. The Jets have to get after him early and bring him down when they have a chance. Pittsburgh's offense is most dangerous when Roethlisberger is improvising outside of the pocket.

3. Protect - The Jets can't afford to turn the football over and give Pittsburgh a short field. Mark Sanchez needs to eat the ball instead of trying to fit it into a tight spot and not leave the ball around his waist, when the pass rush is coming. Steelers safety Troy Polamalu isn't expected to play, which is a nice boost to this key.

4. Pound - Despite Pittsburgh's ability to stop the run, the Jets can't completely abandon their ground attack. Shonn Greene needs to lead the way and Joe McKnight needs some chances to run on the edge. Sorry LaDainian Tomlinson but you have lost about 3 steps since week 1.

5. Pray - For the fanbase, pray that the Jets aren't going to send you to Chicago for a must win in week 16 and then have to beat the upstart Bills at home for a playoff spot.