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Jets Must Fire Sal Alosi

New York Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi shouldn't be a member of the organization by the end of the day today. The fact that he tripped a player running down the sideline, who couldn't see him or defend himself is inexcusable, indefensible, embarrassing, and honestly just disgusting. There couldn't be a worse demonstration of sportsmanship and it is a horrible reflection on the New York Jets organization, which is quickly developing a reputation as having no discipline or consequences for inappropriate actions.

There is no "saving face" on this issue. There is only doing the right thing, which is firing Alosi. There is no room in football for his actions and he is lucky he didn't seriously hurt Nolan Carroll of the Miami Dolphins.

There are plenty of times it is embarrassing to support the Jets but few things in recent memory would be more embarrassing than if the Jets let Alosi get away with this type of behavior. This is basically unprecedented because what coach would be stupid enough to do something like this, clearly a Jets coach on Rex Ryan's staff was.