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NBA Power Rankings, Week 2: Knicks No. 6 In East

After two weeks of the NBA season, we have seen both good and bad from the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets. That is reflected in this week's SB Nation NBA Power Rankings, where the Knicks are No. 6 in the Eastern Conference and the Nets are No. 10.

To be honest, the 3-3 Knicks would be happy to end up No. 6 in the East since that would put them into the playoffs. Sixth is three spots higher than the Knicks were a week ago.

The Knicks followed up two big wins over the Bulls and Wizards ... by falling to the 76ers in the Garden on Sunday. That tends to happen when your team relies so heavily on the three-point shot. Still, given the state of the Eastern Conference right now, the panel decided to rank New York sixth.

The Nets are 2-4, down two spots from a week ago.

Today's stat of the day: guess which team is fourth in the league in opponent field goals made at the rim? Number one is Orlando, as you'd expect. Number two is Charlotte, who you may not expect, and number three is Miami, who you would expect. Number four? The New Jersey Nets. Say what you want about them, but they're doing a great job of forcing teams to beat them over the top.

In the Eastern Conference, Boston is currently No. 1 and the Miami LeBrons are No. 2. In the Western Conference, the Los Angeles Lakers (7-0) are No. 1 and the New Orleans Hornets (6-0) are No. 2.