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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: How High Will The Giants Climb?

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NFL Power Rankings for Week 10 will not be out until Tuesday, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate after an interesting week of football for the New York Giants and New York Jets.

First question has to be how high will the Giants climb after completely dismantling the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday, 41-7? The Giants were No. 7 in the SB Nation Power Rankings last week, and they will be higher than that this week.

The Jets were No. 5 in those rankings. They escaped Detroit with a 23-20 overtime victory against Detroit, but were unimpressive offensively again. Will they climb? Fall? Stay the same? With that sputtering offense, they are hard to figure -- and hard to see as a championship team right now.

Peter King of SI has his Fine Fifteen out, and the top spots look like this.

  1. Baltimore (6-2)
  2. Pittsburgh (5-3)
  3. Giants (6-2)
  4. Jets (6-2)
  5. New England (6-2)
  6. Green Bay (6-3)
  7. Atlanta (7-2)
  8. Oakland (5-4)
  9. Philadelphia (5-3)
  10. New Orleans (6-3)

How accurate do you think that Top 10 is?