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New York Jets At New England Patriots - As Good As It Gets

December football.

Monday Night.

9-2 Jets...receiving too little respect despite their strong record.

9-2 Patriots...receiving too much despite their strong record.

What else can you ask for at this time of the year?

Some early thoughts on the match-up that will more than likely determine the winner of the AFC East...

1. Take The Over - In case you didn't notice, the Patriots are ranked 32nd in the NFL at defending the pass and 31st in total defense. Yes, they are that bad. Mark Sanchez put together a 21/30, 220 yard, 3 TD performance against them in week 2 and should be primed for another big game. By the way, he also didn't have that Santonio Holmes guy forthe week 2 match-up. On the other side, New England has been racking up yards and points in bunches the previous few weeks and Tom Brady is surrounded by dangerous weapons. The Jets have been awful at defending the tight end and New England has two very good ones in Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. I don't think there will be a shortage of points in this game.

2. End The Danny Woodhead Hysteria - Get over it Jets fans, he isn't on the team anymore. He has been good for the Patriots but stop acting like he is Jim Brown. He isn't a good fit for our offense and wouldn't get reps. Brad Smith is doing just fine as our de facto #3 running back and is a better all around player than Woodhead anyway.

3. Where Is The Island? - It will be interesting to see how the Jets use Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie in coverage this week. Do you put them on New England's tight ends? Should Revis just focus on Wes Welker? It should be a mix and match in the secondary for most of the night. Fortunately it sounds like the Jets will get Dwight Lowery and Marquice Cole back, which will improve their depth.

4. Special Mess - In an evenly matched game like this, special teams can be the difference. Nick Folk has been inconsistent lately and the Patriots kicker is Shayne "Shank" Graham. Brandon Tate and Brad Smith are both good kick returners. Whichever can avoid the killer mistakes in this third of the game and make a big play or two will have a big advantage.

5. Statement Game - This is one hell of an opportunity for the Jets to demonstrate that they are now the class of the AFC East. They have been chasing the Patriots for the past decade and now can sweep them and hop in the driver's seat for the division.

Let's Get It...