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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Where Will Jets, Giants Land?

When it comes to Week 13 NFL Power Rankings best guess right now would be that the New York Jets might move up one spot from No. 4 a week ago to No. 3. I would expect the New York Giants to climb back into the SB Nation Top 10 on the heels of a key victory over Jacksonville.

The New England Patriots were No. 1 a week ago, and there seems no reason that should change after the Patriots pounded Detroit, 45-24, Thanksgiving Day. The Green Bay Packers (No. 2 a week ago) lost to No. 3 Atlanta, 20-17, Sunday. So, it would make sense to see Atlanta move up to No. 2 and see the Jets slide into the third position. But, just because it makes sense doesn't mean that is what we will see.

The Jets big chance to move up will be next Monday when they square off with the Patriots. Both teams are 9-2 and the winner will control the AFC East with four games left. And probably wind up No. 1 in next week's rankings.

As for the Giants, they had fallen all the way to No. 12 after a two-game losing streak but should sneak back into the Top 10 this time around. Indianapolis (No. 9) and Tampa Bay (No. 10) both lost on Sunday, so the Giants could move up a couple of spots. More importantly for the Giants, though, they are back in a virtual tie with the Philadelphia Eagles for the top spot in the NFC East.