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Cincinnati Bengals At New York Jets: Five Ways To Avoid The Trap Game

Five ways for the 8-2 New York Jets to avoid a let-down tomorrow night against the 2-8 Cincinnati Bengals

1. Quick Start - The Bengals have made a habit of falling behind early in games and the best way to avert any threat of any upset against an underdog team is to step on their throat right away. It certainly doesn't seem like the players are responding to coach Marvin Lewis anymore and a quick 14-0 lead could knock the fragile Bengals mentally out of the game.

2. Make Palmer Pay - The Bengals running game isn't producing like it did in 2009, making them more one-dimensional on offense. Unfortunately, Carson Palmer hasn't been up to the task and simply isn't anywhere near the quarterback he was 5 years ago. Especially if the Jets get out to an early lead, they should be able to get after Palmer and force him into some poor decisions. This defense is way overdue for some big plays, namely interceptions and sacks.

3. Ground and Pound - The Jets struggled to run the football last week and it would be nice to see them get going heading into December with road games against New England, Pittsburgh, and Chicago on the horizon. Cincinnati has struggled to stop the run consistently and Shonn Greene has to get his confidence back after losing a fumble last week.

4. Keep 'Em Coming - Bengals corners Jonathan Joseph and Brandon Ghee are questionable to play on Thursday night, which could open some opportunities for Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards. There is no reason to hesitate attacking down the field with how well Mark Sanchez and his wide receivers are playing right now.

5. Back To The Defense - How about a little pride from this unit, which has been somewhat embarrassed the past two weeks? It is time to come out and smother an inferior team. I want to see the Bengals in the single digits on Thursday night.