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NBA Power Rankings, Week 4: Knicks, Nets Are In There ... Somewhere

The New York Knicks have won three in a row! It's time to anoint them as, well, as the ninth-best team in the NBA's lesser half, also known as the Eastern Conference. At least that is what the voters in this week's SB Nation Week 4 NBA Power Rankings have determined.

The biggest news in the rankings is that out West the Los Angeles Lakers are no longer top dog. Kobe's Lakers fell to No. 3 in the rankings despite going 4-0 for the week. New Orleans and San Antonio, both 11-1, are Nos. 1 and 2, respectively.

In the Eastern Conference, the Orlando Magic (-3) have taken the top spot away from Boston. The Celtics are No. 2. You lose the top spot when you lose a game at home to Oklahoma City when the Thunder is playing without superstar Kevin Durant.

Oh, geez, I guess I better get back to the Knicks and New Jersey Nets -- the teams I am supposed to be caring about in these rankings.

Here is what the fine folks at SB Nation, who obviously do not appreciate the artistry of the Knicks, had to say about them:

The New York Knicks have won three-in-a-row! Basketball is back in the Big Apple, baby!! All is right with the NBA world again!!! Finally!!!!

Kings, Warriors (no D. Lee), Clippers. Shhhh, don't tell the New York media the teams they beat all suck too.

As for the Nets, they fell one spot from 12th to 13th after a 1-3 week.