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Best Quarterback In New York? In 2010, That Would Be Mark Sanchez

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It is Mark Sanchez, not Eli Manning, who has been the best quarterback in New York so far in 2010.

Let's throw some salt in the wound to an already angry Giants fan base, who probably is starting to realize their team can't overcome giving the football away like a Christmas present every week, especially with the amount of injuries they are enduring.

Coming into the season, it was a no-brainer when you asked which quarterback playing in the New Meadowlands you'd prefer. The answer was Eli Manning, who was (and still is) a much more accomplished professional quarterback and was coming off a much better individual 2009 campaign than Mark Sanchez.

Yet, surprisingly it has been Sanchez who is putting together a better season so far in 2010. As a matter of fact, it is Manning who is protecting the football like the erraticsecond year quarterback Sanchez is supposed to be and Sanchez who is calmly leading game winning drive after game winning drive like the accomplished, battle-tested veteran Manning is supposed to be.

Yes, I am aware Manning has thrown for 289 more yards, has a higher completion percentage, and 6 more touchdowns.

However, Manning also has more than twice as many interceptions as Sanchez, with a whopping 16 through 10 games. Sanchez has only thrown 7 so far this season and hasn't lost a single fumble, while Manning has lost 2 including his comical self-forced fumble this past Sunday night in Philadelphia. Sanchez also has 2 rushing touchdowns this year compared to Manning's 0.

Most importantly, Sanchez is leading Manning in the wins column this year and has been amazingly clutch in big spots. Manning hasn't been involved in a ton of close games but when he has had chances to lead his team back in the fourth quarter the previous two weeks, he has turned the ball over, resulting in consecutive losses.

So yes, as of right now in 2010 I am saying Mark Sanchez is playing better football than Eli Manning.