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At A Loss For Words: Jets Do It Again

What can you even say at this point?

Were you surprised the Jets jumped out to a commanding 23-7 lead? Most of us expected the Jets to handle a finesse Houston team at home this week and it seemed they were en route to doing just that.

If you have been a Jets fan your whole life, were you surprised to see them squander that lead and find themselves down 24-23 with less than a minute left? The Jets have traditionally found ways to let us down and more recently haven't been able to put teams away. Shonn Greene rediscovered his fumblitis. Our starting tackle was out of the game and we couldn't protect the quarterback. Our "big time" defense was again letting tight ends run wide open all the over field and an offense go up and down the field in a big spot.

Yet, haven't you been watching this year? Weren't you confident in our franchise quarterback to lead us back, even with zero timeouts and barely any time on the clock? If you weren't, it is time to realize Mark Sanchez is the real deal and he has some serious weapons at his disposal at the receiver position. This year's version of the New York Jets is never out of the game. 

In an unpredictable NFL season, Sanchez and the Jets have been consistently clutch. People will still carry on with the lucky talk and yes, Jason Allen is the give that keeps on giving. Can we get this guy waived and hope the Bengals pick him up for Thursday? However, another week has passed and another game has been won by the Jets, who are now at 3 in a row since their 9-0 loss to Green Bay on Halloween. 

All you can do on this Sunday night, is shake your head and realize you are witnessing something special this year...and maybe go buy a Santonio Holmes jersey.