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Mark Sanchez: Last Two Weeks 'Good Test' For Jets

Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets are 7-2, and Sanchez joined KLAC in Los Angeles with Petros and Money earlier today to talk about how things are going with the Jets.

Here, courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews, is part of that radio spot.

On if there’s cause for concern about needing overtime to beat both Detroit and Cleveland, or if that’s just the typical week-to-week grind of life in the NFL:

“It’s so different and you get each team’s best effort every week, especially after your on a show like Hard Knocks, especially if you have a coach like Rex who’s talking Super Bowl before camp even starts. So, it’s been a good test for us to test our resilience, just to test our meddle a little bit. And hopefully we can win some of these in regulation, that’d be nice.”

On how he’s stayed calm through mistakes and rallied his team late in games:

“Absolutely. Just trying to keep the same demeanor, stay positive, have a winning demeanor the entire game. It’s contagious, the other guys see it. When you’re down, when you hang your head, other guys notice as well. So that stuff can spread throughout an entire team and put you all in a slump, so you want to stay positive, and I’ve been working hard to do it. Brunell’s really helped me with that.”

On how an emotional players like him as actually worked on keeping his emotions in check during games:

“I think celebrating wildly is harder to control than getting upset. If I can control the upset stuff and stay kind of in the middle, and then get excited when we throw touchdowns, that’s fine. But it’s hard, because I’m someone who kind of wears his emotions on his sleeve, and it’s frustrating when things don’t work. You know coaches spend hours during the week, we spend hours during the week watching it on film, repping it in practice, and then it doesn’t work in the game – it’s frustrating. So, it’s just something you have to constantly think about, and have a plan when you do throw an interception, just kind of keep your head up, find a spot up in the third deck, and just walk off the field and kind of stare at that one spot. That’s what I’ve been doing lately, and it keeps you from looking down at the ground. It’s working.”