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New York Knicks At Denver Nuggets: Carmelo Anthony Awaits

The New York Knicks are in Denver tonight to face the Nuggets (9 p.m. ET), with speculation swirling anew that Denver star Carmelo Anthony could one day soon be a member of the Knicks.

New York Post basketball colmnist Peter Vescey wrote today that the Knicks are a "viable option" for the 26-year-old Anthony. Here is some of what Vescey's report:

Anthony gave me the impression he's singularly interested in playing for a team in the habit of inhabiting first place and bedding championships -- you know, like the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs.

So, I was not all that surprised when Anthony revealed to The Post he has not expunged any of those three teams from his bottomless pit of gaping options.

However, I must confess to being a bit floored when Brooklyn's gift to Baltimore (the borough's 18-year-negotiation for Skip Wise as compensation is rumored on The Corners to be almost resolved) again divulged to The Post he has not ruled out his home team as a possible landing zone.

Don't reach for your spectacles, you got that right; the Knicks remain a viable option. I repeat, a viable option.

Ask me how Anthony defends those colliding concepts after I speak with him a fourth time in private.

Vescey also wrote that the New Jersey Nets are in the "loser bin" when it comes to the Anthony Sweepstakes. Meaning, they are out of the picture.

All of this adds intrigue to the Knicks' visit to Denver tonight. The 3-7 Knicks have lost five straight games, and star forward Amare Stoudemire is already tired of it. During eight seasons in Phoenix, Stoudemire experienced only one losing season.

"(Losing) is not something I'm accustomed to. It's not fun," Stoudemire said. "We have to do a much better job out there. Collectively, we really have to step it up...We can't keep doing the exact same thing every night. We have to find a way to grow up."
Anthony leads Denver (5-5) with averages of 24.5 points and 9.4 rebounds per game. Stoudemire leads the Knicks at 20.8 points and 8.1 rebounds per game.

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