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NFL Picks, Week 10: Giants Giving Too Many Points

After a couple of weeks of being right more often than wrong, I am feeling a little better about this picking NFL games business. So, let's look into the crystal ball and try some Week 10 predictions. I will try my hand at the New York Giants and New York Jets games, of course, and three other games I like.

So, here goes.

Giants (-13.5) vs. Cowboys: The Giants are 6-2, have won five straight games and are at home. The Cowboys are 1-7, have been beaten by a combined score of 80-24 the past two weeks, and for all intents and purposes their season is over. Pretty obvious why the Giants are 13.5-point favorites. But ... the Cowboys just fired their head coach and maybe the clean slate with new head man Jason Garrett will help. You have to think that the Cowboys will, at least, play with effort this weekend. The Giants will win this game, but under the circumstances the points are too many for me to give. Pick: Cowboys

Jets (-1) at Browns: Cleveland (3-5) is coming off impressive victories over New Orleans and New England. The Jets (6-2) are coming off a 9-0 loss to Green Bay and a fortunate 23-20 overtime victory against Detroit. So, momentum would appear to be with Cleveland. I think, however, this game does not set up well for the Browns. Rookie quarterback Colt McCoy has been good the past two weeks, but the Saints and Patriots do not have defenses to match what the Jets can bring to the table. I think the Jets make McCoy look like what he is this week, a rookie learning on the job. Pick: Jets

Chiefs (-2.5) at Broncos: The Broncos (2-6) can't run, and they can't stop the run. The Chiefs (5-3) have one of the league's best rushing attacks. Denver is going nowhere, while Kansas City is 5-3 and leads the AFC West. Cming off a loss last week the Chiefs need this game, and I think they will get it. Pick: Chiefs

Bills (-3) vs. Detroit: The Bills are 0-8, but they keep losing in heart-breaking fashion. The Lions are 2-6 and improving, but it's been years since they have won on the road. I think the Bills finally get in the win column. Pick: Bills

Bears (-1) vs. Vikings: I know all about the Brad Childress-Brett Favre mess, and I know the Vikings are risky proposition. I just don't see the Bears as a contending team, and I still think the Vikings are. I think that shows this week. Pick: Vikings

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Last Week: 3-2
Season Record: 6-4