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Vikings At Jets: Randy Moss To Vikings?

Randy Moss vs. Darrelle Revis II?

We could see that Monday night when the New York Jets face the Minnesota Vikings, if the Moss to the Vikings trade rumorss turn out to be correct. has learned that the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots have been in serious trade talks and are very close to a deal that would send All-Pro wide receiver Randy Moss back to the team that drafted him.

However, Patriots sources say the deal is contigent upon Moss working out a contract with the Vikings. All sides are still trying to hammer out the contract.

Revis has been out since aggravating his hamstring injury while surrendering a touchdown catch to Moss in Week 2 against the New England Patriots. So much for easing him back into action.

In Minnesota, Moss, 33, would be paired with quarterback Brett Favre. Putting the NFL's ultimate 'chuck and duck' quarterback with Moss, one of the best 'go up and get the ball in traffic' receivers to ever play could be a lethal combination.

SBNation's Gang Green Nation sees this possibility as a good news-bad news thing for the Jets. In their words:

Bad news in the short term with the Vikings on the schedule this week. Great news in the long term with him potentially leaving the Pats.

We should know a lot more later today. Stay tuned.