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Lawrence Taylor Due Back In Court In Early December

It’s been several months since any news has surfaced in the case brought against legendary New York Giants’ linebacker Lawrence Taylor. Just in case your memory has escaped you, LT was arrested in May 6 and later charged with felony charges of third degree rape, third degree solicitation and endangering the welfare of a child. He plead not guilty on all accounts. On Thursday, it was announced that motions would be heard in Taylor’s case in early December.

Taylor’s attorney, Arthur Aidala, said that his client his confident that his innocence will be proven in court:

“Mr. Taylor is rather comfortable with his position in this proceeding,” Aidala said from the front of the courthouse.

Taylor has expressed no interest in a plea bargain, but Aidala said the time has yet to come make a final determination on that front.

Aidala said that, since any plea would involve a “ridiculous” term of 10 years probation, Taylor was inclined to exercise his right to trial. But he softened his stance against listening to any plea offers from prosecutors, saying that when both sides have been through the discovery process it would be an appropriate time. He said there was no deal currently on the table.