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Report: Joe Girardi, New York Yankees Near Deal

The New York Post is reporting that Joe Girardi will agree to a new contract to continue as New York Yankees manager, and that the deal could finalized as early as Tuesday night.

"I want to be back," Girardi said. "I hope it gets done quickly."

The Post is anticipating a three-year deal for Girardi, who has been the Yankee manager since 2008. In his first season, 2008, Girardi presided over the only Yankee team to fall short of making the playoffs since 1995. In his second season the Yankees won the World Series, and this season they won the AL East and lost to Texas in the American League Championship Series.

General Manager Brian Cashman left no doubt a few days ago that the Yankees want Girardi to return to the dugout in 2011.

"I would think that would be the first order of business," Cashman said.

Looks like making it happen is not going to take long.