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New York Yankees Fire Pitching Coach Dave Eiland

The New York Yankees will not retain pitching coach Dave Eiland for the 2011 season.

General manager Brian Cashman said the move was his decision.

"He's not being blamed for what took place," Cashman said. "I hope you believe me on that. ... He’s a terrific pitching coach and he should have no problem getting a job."
Eiland was the Yankee pitching coach the past two seasons. He took a leave of absence this summer, missing most of the onth of June to attend to what was called a "private family matter." No other explanation was ever given.
"I'm not going to comment on what the reasons are," Cashman said. "They're private."
You have to think we will never know the full reason for this move. It promises to be just the first move in an offseason of discontent for the no-longer-defending-champion Yankees.