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2010 Baseball Prospects Review: Looking at the Yankees And Mets

If you are a fan of the New York Yankees or New York Mets you probably pretty much know how the top prospects in your organization's farm system entering the 2010 season fared.

Just in case, though, SB Nation's minor league baseball guru, John Sickels of Minor League Ball, is out with his reviews of Top 50 Hitting and Top 50 Pitching prospects. Let's look at each team.

New York Mets

Jenrry Mejia was the highest-ranked pitching prospect for either team, at No. 13. In fact, no Yankee pitching prospect cracked the top 50. Here is what Sickels said about Mejia.

Handled stupidly by the Mets, 4.62 ERA with 22/20 K/BB in 39 pointless relief innings in the majors, 46 hits. Posted 1.28 ERA in 42 minor league innings at four levels. I still like him despite these WTF decisions by the team.

Jon Niese was ranked No. 33 entering the season, and ending up having a decent year for the Mets. Here is Sickels' review.

4.20 ERA with 148/62 K/BB in 174 major league innings, 192 hits. He's not a star but I don't see any reason why he can't be a useful pitcher for a long time.

Fernando Martinez, an outfielder, was ranked No. 15 among hitters entering the season.

Hit .253/.317/.455 in Triple-A, 71 games. Injuries remain an issue, still just 22 years old entering 2011.

Wilmer Flores, a shortstop, was ranked No. 24 among hitters.

Hit .278/.342/.433 in Low-A Sally League and .300/.324/.415 in High-A Florida State League. He's only 19 years old; this was a good season. Will need new position though.

Ike Davis, who burst into the Mets lineup at first base, was ranked No. 35 among hitting prospects entering the season.

Hit .264/.351/.440 with 19 homers for the Mets. A credible major league debut, with better seasons to follow.

New York Yankees

Only one player on either list, and that would be catcher Jesus Montero, the crown jewel of the Yankee farm system. Sickels had him ranked No. 2 among hitting prospects entering the season, and he did not disappoint.

Hit .289/.353/.517 with 21 homers in Triple-A at age 20. Still on track.

So, there is a quick sneak peek at your New York baseball future.