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MHR Mailbag: Kaptain Kirk dishes on TC

Tebow, Vontee Leach, ZBS, Training Camp, and surprise cuts are all the craze in this week's edition of mailbag. Come join as Big Pete, Scotty Payne, Bronco Mike, and Kaptain Kirk answer questions!

The Tebow Petition: We The People Want Him In JAX


President Obama promised us change we could believe in. Houston Texans fans should all hope that includes changing his mind on the decision to kill the Tebow petition on the White House website. We...

Rumor Roundup for Tuesday, May 7

No timetable for Punks return, no communication with him either, Lesnar contract details rumors, deal reach with 2014 hall of fame member, and more!

Tim Tebow and the Saints: Match Made in Heaven?


Now that Tim Tebow's been released by the NY Jets, should the New Orleans Saints take a chance on him and give Sean Payton a new toy?

Is that Bruno Sammartino Tebowing?


No, it's not. It's actually Bruno Sammartino but he's not "Tebowing," he's "Sammartinoing." For whatever reason, Bruno took to Twitter today -- and yes, the great Bruno Sammartino now has a Twitter account -- to tell New York Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow "I been Sammartioing over 30 years before you were born. See you in NY. I will teach you and NFL the natural way to Tebow." This day and age, ladies and sirs. This day and age.

Tim Tebow's Home Church is Anti-Gay

Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress says Tebow will ultimately make an appearance at his church, which shares the same values as Tebow's church

Tim Tebow Cancels Appearance at Anti-gay Church

The NFL 'quarterback' doesn't announce the reason for his cancellation, but speculation swirls around the church's anti-gay positions

Tim Tebow to speak at anti-gay megachurch in Dallas


Tim Tebow He may have been a bust with the New York Jets, but that isn't stopping Tim Tebow from praising God and rubbing elbows with...

Neil Patrick Harris & CBS slammed by Christians for mimicking Tim Tebow in Super Bowl ad


Neil Patrick Harris and CBS are being slammed by some Christians for the openly gay actor's apparent nod to New York Jets "quarterback" Tim Tebow in a recent Super Bowl ad. In the commercial, NPH...

Rex Ryan's wife 'Tebows' wearing Mark Sanchez jersey in coach's tattoo


There's a reason you don't get tattoos of people you're dating: The ink doesn't wash away in the shower. It's permanent. Now the media has been guffawing over the revelation that New York Jets...

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