The Miami Marlins have offered New York Mets free agent SS Jose Reyes a contract that will pay him at least $111 million contract. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Jose Reyes Gets $110-Million Deal, Bolts Mets For Marlins

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Report: Marlins Offer Jose Reyes $111 Million Contract

The New York Mets hopes of retaining All Star SS Jose Reyes could end before the Winter Meetings even kick off in Dallas on Monday.  ESPN Deportes is reporting the Miami Marlins have offered Reyes a five year, $106 million contract, a number that is thought to be well beyond what the Mets can afford.

The Marlins offer would include a team-option for a seventh year for $22 million or a $5 million buyout, bringing the minimum total value of the deal to $111.

In what should be a common theme this offseason with the Wilpon family still running the Mets, it's likely the team will miss out on any free agent that is looking for anything close to market price.

Much like last season, expect New York to scan the bargain bin and hope to get lucky the way they did with P Chris Capuano last season.  Capuano, if you'll remember, had a bounce back season for the Mets in 2011 and then promptly left in free agency when the Mets weren't interested in a second year which the Los Angeles Dodgers offered for $5 million.

Many felt the Mets were confident they would be able to keep Reyes if the Marlins stayed near their original offer of six years and $90 million.

Following up their signing of closer Heath Bell away from the San Diego Chargers by adding Reyes will officially propel the Marlins past the Mets in the division.  With the Washington Nationals ready to spend big, New York should be the popular pick to reside in last place in the NL East in 2012 and the foreseeable future.


ESPN: Jose Reyes To Miami Marlins Expected To Happen

ESPN’s Buster Olney is reporting today that he expects free-agent shortstop Jose Reyes to sign soon with the newly-named Miami Marlins.

“There is an expectation they will work something out with Reyes for something in the range of five years, $18-20M a year. They are seen as the team that’s going to be most aggressive and he certainly fits the style that Ozzie Guillen loves to play. He loves to have a team that runs the bases aggressively, puts pressure on opposing defenses. Reyes would be a centerpiece for that with Hanley Ramirez moving to another position.”

If you are a Twitter user you likely know that a report hit the Twitter-verse Sunday that the Reyes-to-the-Marlins deal was done, but that the report was quickly found to be inaccurate.

When word like this comes from a reputable source like Olney, however, you have to think this is going to happen. The Mets certainly can’t match those numbers.

The most interesting dynamic in all of this, for me, will be to see how the moody Hanley Ramirez takes being booted off shortstop by Reyes’ arrival.


Jose Reyes Rumors: Miami Marlins Make Him Free-Agent Offer

Jose Reyes has his first significant free-agent offer of the offseason, and it comes from the newly-aggressive Miami Marlins. Team owner Jeffrey Loria said Friday that with a new team name and new stadium comes a new attitude, admitting that he made offers to Reyes, slugger Albert Pujols and pitcher Mark Buehrle.

“We’re looking at everyone and we want to make this team as special as we can,” said Loria, who confirmed that offers were made to each of the three players. “We would be foolish not to entertain the possibilities of some of these players. It’s a new page. With this new stadium, we want to step into a new light.”

No word on the size of the offer to Reyes, or to any of the big-name free agents targeted by the Marlins.

An interesting note, though, in that current Marlins shorstop Hanley Ramirez, an often-moody star, does not appear thrilled about moving to third base if Reyes decides to join the Marlins.

“I’m a shortstop right now, so I don’t know. I consider myself a shortstop,” he said.

Ramirez’ attitude is actually something Reyes might want to consider before he makes any decision.


Jose Reyes Rumors: Reyes Ready To Take His Talents To South Beach?

The New York Mets are sure to face plenty of competition when it comes to signing free agent SS Jose Reyes, but the stiffest might come from within their own division.  It appears that Reyes and his agent will meet with the Miami Marlins this week to talk about taking his talents to South Beach.

While Reyes meeting with the Marlins isn't a surprise, it's certainly interesting that it would be the first "leaked" face-to-face the All-Star is having in what should be a drawn out process.

The Marlins already have a Hanley Ramirez at shortstop, but they also have a brand new ballpark to open and no doubt want a shiny new toy or two they can show off.  Ramirez -- currently recovering from shoulder surgery -- could shift to third base, giving the Marlins one of the best SS-3B combinations in the majors.

Though the Marlins are just the first of many teams to make their pitch to Reyes, it isn't the number of suitors that will keep Reyes away from the Mets.  It's just the one that decides to hand the shortstop a Carl Crawford-esque 7-year, $140 million contract.  If that team ends up being the Marlins or not there's no way to tell, but with all the teams ready to spend big money this offseason, it's just a matter of time before it happens.

With the Mets unlikely to go beyond five-years on any contract for the injury prone Reyes, the odds of him sticking around Citi Field aren't good right now.


Jose Reyes Rumors: Mets Have 'No Shot' At Keeping Him?

The New York Mets appear to be resigned to the reality that they will lose star shortstop Jose Reyes to another team this winter. Joel Sherman of the New York Post quotes a Mets official as saying the team believes it has "no shot" at getting Reyes to sign at the 'reasonable' price the organization says it would consider.

Sherman says the Mets would offer Reyes four years at $15 to $17 million, but they expect him to be "blown away" by a much larger offer from somewhere else. Considering that Carl Crawford got a seven-year, $142-million deal from Boston last winter that inclination is probably right.

Here are a few other Reyes' rumors floating around the Inter-Google:


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