Chris Paul Trade: NBA Reportedly Kills Deal To Lakers

Could the NBA stopping the trade of Chris Paul to the Lakers be a good thing for the New York Knicks.

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Chris Paul Trade Rumors: Deal To Lakers Killed By NBA

A wild day of Chris Paul trade rumors that appeared to have ended with the New Orleans Hornets star guard headed to the Los Angeles Lakers has taken another bizarre twist. The deal appears to be off after a group on NBA owners protested the swap that would have seen Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom leave the Lakers.

Yahoo! Sports reported that the NBA killed the proposed three-team trade involving the Hornets, Lakers and Houston Rockets.

From Yahoo:

Some owners pushed Stern to demand the trade be nullified, and the Hornets be made to keep Paul on the roster for the foreseeable future, sources said. A chorus of owners were irate with the belief that the five-month lockout had happened largely to stop big-market teams from leveraging small-market teams for star players pending free agency.

“The owners half-pushed this, and Stern took it the rest of the way,” a league source told Yahoo! Sports. “In the end, David didn’t like that the players were dictating where they wanted to go, like Carmelo [Anthony] had, and he wasn’t going to let Chris Paul dictate where he wanted to go.”

You wonder if this puts Paul back in play for the New York Knicks. The only thing we know for sure is that this was one crazy day.


New York Knicks Rumors: Chris Paul? Not So Fast

ESPN analyst Chris Broussard said Monday morning that the New York Knicks had a 'great chance" of eventually landing New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul. Monday night another ESPN analyst, John Hollinger, contradicted Broussard.

"It appears the only realistic way that Paul can end up in Gotham would be if he is willing to take a massive pay cut. He would likely make about 60 percent as much in New York as he could make in New Orleans and, even in the best-case scenario, forego tens of millions of dollars compared to playing in other markets … So if Paul really wants to go to New York, he can go — as long as he’s willing to give up, at a minimum, forty million dollars to do it. (The same, incidentally, applies for Deron Williams or Dwight Howard.)

So, what we have here is a battle of the analysts. Will CP3 end up teaming with Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire? Truth is, nobody knows. At least, though, we are talking about basketball and not lockout or legal stuff.

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