Mark Sanchez: What Should The Jets Do About Their Quarterback, And Their Offense?

Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets talks on the bench during the second half against the New York Giants on December 24, 2011 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images)

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez undeniably had a miserable day Saturday during his team's 29-14 loss to the New York Giants, and now some reports are indicating that after three uneven seasons the Jets have begun to question whether or not the 'Sanchize' really is the future of the franchise.

Pro Football Talk was the first to intimate that the Jets may be souring on Sanchez. Here is part of what PFT wrote:

A league source tells PFT that the Jets are beginning to realize that Sanchez may not be the answer at the position. That said, the Jets will not publicly acknowledge even the possibility that Sanchez is falling out of favor.

How could they acknowledge it? Coach Rex Ryan already has declared that Sanchez will be the quarterback for as long as Ryan is the coach, a proclamation that could eventually turn out to be as reliable as pretty much every other guarantee Rex has made.

Still, we’re told that the Jets will quietly explore their options, refraining from dropping any hints until they’re ready to pull the trigger — if that’s what they decide to do.

Hard to deny that Sanchez was terrible Saturday. He was 30-of-59 for 258 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions for a quarterback rating of 54.2. The numbers, though, don't begin to tell the story.

There were any number of open receivers who were missed -- badly. TA panicked Sanchez, harrassed by a pass rush that sacked him five times, flung several passes at receivers who had yet to complete routes and turn around, including one that clanged off an unsuspecting Dustin Keller. He and Nick Mangold botched a snap at the Giants' two-yard line.

In short, Sanchez looked like anything but a guy who is developing into a championship-caliber quarterback. After three seasons of starting he still has a completion percentage in the mid-50s and a passer rating hovering in the 70s.

Our friends at Gang Green Nation are incredulous that Sanchez is being called on the carpet rather than offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer following a game in which he was asked to drop back 64 times.

It is extremely frustrating to me, and probably many of you, that Sanchez possibly has his neck on the chopping block before a deeply unpopular offensive coordinator that predates both the young QB AND the head coach. An OC that has never overseen a successful QB since coming here, in spite of having first rounders and pro bowlers come play for him. There's no feasible explanation for why Schotty would be retained while Sanchez is scapegoated after the FO took his protection and receiver corps away from him this offseason, except that Woody & Co. clearly have an irrational level of support for the OC.

That said, even GGN is questioning whether or not Sanchez is the right quarterback to lead the Jets going forward.

I can't fault them for examining Sanchez and wondering if he is their franchise QB. Sanchez has consistently had matchups against the worst passing defenses in the league this year, and he cannot deliver against them. He makes a great deal of poor decisions. After the Giants went up by more than 6, did anyone else get a feeling of hopelessness? That's because we can't pass downfield, and Sanchez can't deliver, even against the worst defenses. If you can't throw the ball, you can't win meaningful games; and right now whether the fault of the Oline, coaching, or Sanchez, we can't throw the ball.

What do you think, Jets fans? Keep Sanchez? Dump him? Dump both Sanchez and Schottenheimer? Just be patient and let Sanchez grow? Vote in the poll and let us know what you think.

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