49ers 34, Jets 0: Rex Ryan post-game transcript

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The full text of Rex Ryan's remarks to the media following the Jets' 34-0 loss to the 49ers on Sunday

Opening Statement...
I apologize for my language because I was going to say we got our butt kicked, but we got our (behinds) kicked. There's no two ways, in's or out's about it. It should (have been) 7-3 at halftime, but it's 10- 0 because of mistakes we made. Then we come out (in the second half), turn the ball over four times....here's the recipe for getting your (behind) kicked: 2-for-13 on third down - that's 15 percent, four turnovers, a blocked punt when they rushed one guy, and giving up 245 yards rushing. How's that for a recipe? It's unacceptable. We've got to look at it. It starts with the coaches. The players aren't going to be in on Monday or Tuesday. They have to dig deep and look down at themselves. As coaches, we need to
look at what we're doing. I've never given up so many rushing yards in my life. What can we do to help? We can't just say it's poor tackling and this and that. There must be something to it, so we're going to find out. Clearly, we're not going to beat anybody when we play like we did today.

On why the offense struggled...
That's a good question. I don't know. We couldn't convert a third down, we couldn't protect, and we struggled running the football. Other than that, I don't know.

On what it would take for him to make a quarterback change...
I'm not ready to make a quarterback change. We have to get better play at quarterback. We have to get better at a lot of things. You look at yourself first, and there are things that clearly we all need to do.

On how angry he is right now...
Pretty angry. I'm disappointed. I thought our fans deserved a heck of a lot better than this. We had a packed stadium and played like...we played terrible.

On whether he had news on the foot injury to WR Santonio Holmes...
No, I have not.

On if he thought of making a quarterback change in the fourth quarter to give Greg McElroy

No, it would be hard to get McElroy because he's not up. I did not think of that.

On if this was as bad a loss as he has had a Jets coach...
Yeah, no question. I can't remember getting beat the way we got beat. I don't think that's ever happened.

On what it was like coaching the fourth quarter while he was angry...
It's not a position that we're used to being in or that I am use to being in. It's not one that I ever want to go through again. My dad always said, ‘If you stay in it long enough, it'll happen to you again.' I certainly don't look forward to that day.

On if he believes the second half was more about heart and toughness than X's and O's...
I can tell you this: it was certainly about execution. They out-executed us. Our guys are tough and have plenty of heart. We just never executed. We didn't get off blocks well enough. We didn't tackle well enough. We have to look at it from a schematics standpoint and determine if we're putting our players in the best position to be successful. I don't know that answer right now.

On whether Mark Sanchez had an explanation for not protecting the ball...
It's a huge mistake. He's trying to make a guy miss, he's trying to make a play down the field, but in that area, you just have to protect the football first. In his competitiveness, he's trying to make a play for us. He makes that first guy miss, (he) tries to keep the play alive and it's just unfortunate.

On whether this is the same team he thought he had three weeks ago...

Obviously, I know the character of the men in that room and that's what I'm betting on. We'll get it done. We'll get it fixed. It's just not going to be easy. Obviously, if it was easy, we would've fixed it before. Clearly we have to look at it. We have to look deep and we have to get better. And like I said, our fans deserve a lot better than this. I know right now, we're not even close to being one of the better teams in this league, not even close. But we need to start being (better), and we need to start (now because) at the end of the year, that's where you want to be. Clearly, we're not close to that right now.

On missed tackles...
It's frustrating. There's no doubt. It's hard to practice because you can't afford to get somebody hurt and all that. We can't afford to keep missing tackles, either. One week, maybe you can accept it, but you have to keep going. I know we emphasize it, but clearly, we have to do a much better job of tackling.

On Sanchez's completion percentage being under 50 percent for the third consecutive game...
I think a lot of it has to do with the kind of duress he's under. When he can set his feet, he can make those throws. Now, he missed some today, (he) hasn't been as accurate as he's been in the past, but it's something that we clearly have to get better at. We have to take what we do on the practice field (and) bring it over to the game field. We weren't great this week at throwing the football on the practice field. I thought we played better, I thought we did some good things on the practice field, I thought our defense was outstanding, (our) communication (and) everything else, especially in the backend. Actually, (we) did decent back there, but it doesn't matter. If you can't stop the run better than we did, then it really doesn't matter.

On if he would consider making changes in the starting lineups...
If we think that will help us, then sure, we'll look into that. I'm not sure if that will help, but we'll look at everything these next couple days.

On why he won't consider making a quarterback change...
I don't think that's the answer. I think Mark's the answer at quarterback.

On if he won't consider making a quarterback change because Tebow is not the answer or
because Sanchez is the answer...

I think Mark is the answer. Again, time will tell.

On if Sanchez's contract is part of the reason why he won't consider a quarterback change...
Contract has nothing to do with it.

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