Rex Ryan dancer: Jets' coach sheds little light on McElroy-Tebow-Sanchez decision

Rex Ryan - Frederick Breedon

Rex Ryan was peppered with quarterback questions on Tuesday, and beyond confirming that Greg McElroy is now the starter he shed little light on the situation or the reasons for his decision.

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan spent much of his Tuesday press conference being asked -- and dancing around -- questions about the team's quarterback situation. Ryan was asked why he chose Greg McElroy and not Tim Tebow several different ways, as well as about the future of Mark Sanchez. He found creative ways to answer every question without really answering any questions.

Below, many of the McElroy-Sanchez-Tebow questions and answers from Ryan's Tuesday presser.

[OPINION: Starting McElroy the right move]

On why McElroy starting is the best for the team...

Well, that's what I feel in my gut. I liked what I saw from Greg against Arizona and I liked what I see on the practice field. I just truly believe I think it's best for our team right now and that's how I feel about it.

On whether Tebow and Sanchez will be active...

I'm not sure right now. As it goes on, the week goes on, I'll make that determination. But right now, I'm not ready to do that right now.

On why he didn't choose Tebow as the starter...

Well again, I think it's where we are right now and I just think it's best for our team and for this game. That's how I feel.

On why McElroy wasn't active the past two games and is now the starter...

Again, I think I'm not going to get into all the other particulars. You guys know what I've mentioned in the past about him. So I'll just go with it. Right now, I'm more focused on really what's in front of us and not looking back on what's behind us. On whether Sanchez could be the starter in the future...

Again, really we have two games left and I think that's where my focus is going to be and obviously, what's passed that will be determined later.

On why Tebow is not qualified to start over McElroy...

Again, I look at this, I know Tim is a tremendous competitor, and I don't doubt that at all. For right now, I think this move, it's a move that I made, is best for our team in this game. I believe that and that's why I'm making the move that I'm making.

On whether Tebow's health impacted his decision...

No, I think obviously, he's been cleared to play for a number of weeks. I think, like I said, as the week went on he looked better and better. And that was why we decided, you know what, let's put Tim out there. We even ran some pistol and some Wildcat and things like that. But this decision is my decision and I'm choosing to go with Greg.

On where Sanchez's issues stem from...

I think, first off, it's not necessarily about one guy. It's about the team, but he just had obviously a poor day, but he wasn't alone with that. But obviously, we can't turn the ball over five times and expect to win. Again, has he had better days than that? Absolutely.

On if he has ruled out Sanchez as the starter for the rest of the season...

I'm going to look at this game and let this game stand by itself. We'll look at things as we get going down the road. Really right now, I just want to make the decision on the starting quarterback and (with) everything else after that in due time, I will make that decision.

On if he feels like he owes Tebow more...

I have to look at what I think is the best for the team and not necessarily the individual. I'll say this about Tim and I've always said it, about the type of competitor he is. I know he wants to help this team be successful in the worst way. There's no doubt about that. I truly believe that.

On why starting McElroy is the best decision for the team...

This is my opinion. I do believe that it is best for our team that Greg is our quarterback. That's my opinion and I'm the guy that's making this decision. Every decision I make is based on what I believe is in the best interest of our team. When I say that, that's what I believe.

On how McElroy gives the team the best chance of winning...

I'm not going to get into specifics. This is my decision and solely my decision. When I say I believe it's best for this team, that's what I truly believe in. You can make it anything you want it to be, (but) this is how I feel.

On why Tebow is not the starter...

I can answer this question a million ways, frontwards, backwards, sideways, anything else, but it's my decision and I'm going to base this decision on my gut feeling. Everything it comes down to, I believe that this is the best decision for this team. Like every other decision that I make, that's the factor. That's the only factor that goes into these decisions.

On if the trade with Denver was a mistake...

People can speculate anything they want. Obviously, as a football team we're 6-8 and nobody is happy about that. Ultimately, I'm the man accountable for this. I understand that. It's never about one person or it's this guy's fault, this is a good situation or a bad situation. The end result is we're 6-8 and I know that I'm accountable for that. Whatever decisions are made and everything else, this is a bottom line business and right now we're 6-8.


That is a lot of questions, and a lot of words given as answers, without really saying or learning much of anything.

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