Texans 23, Jets 17: Rex Ryan post-game reaction

Elsa - Getty Images

Head coach Rex Ryan reacts to the Jets' 23-17 loss to the Houston Texans Monday night.

The New York Jets got a lot closer to upsetting the unbeaten Houston Texans Monday than many thought they would, losing 23-17 and having an opportunity with the ball in the closing minutes of the game. Jets' coach Rex Ryan said after the game that the outcome could have been different.

"That's a good football team that we played. The thing that is upsetting is the fact that we helped them. Clearly, that's a good football team that doesn't need any help. We're kicking ourselves. We used a couple of time-outs that hurt us at the end. It looks like we're a little snake bitten with injuries, but that's not an excuse. We had a guy here for three of four days (Jason Hill) that has to step up. With (Clyde) Gates going out, our personnel was kind of messed up, so we had to use him (Hill). It's kind of unfortunate."

Here are some other excerpts from Ryan's post-game press conference.

On the Jets' failed on-sides kick in the third quarter...

"That was me all the way. I came here to win. That's it. Whatever it takes. Faking a punt in your own territory, going for it on fourth down in your own territory-I came to win. I think when you ask your players to lay it out there and do whatever it takes to win, that's me included. Certainly, that was us. I went for it. It's unfortunate we didn't execute it. I thought we had a really good kick, and their kid (Shiloh Keo) made a really nice play on us. I'm never going to look back and regret going for something. I can promise you that."

On the performance of Mark Sanchez, who went 14-for-31 with two interceptions and two fumbles ...

"(His) numbers were 14-of-30 for 230 (yards). It was very similar to the kid (Matt Schaub) that we played. But, he had the unfortunate two tipped passes for interceptions. I think his day, minus those tips, obviously it looks a lot better. The numbers would be nice. Unfortunately, he had those two tipped balls. I think he played better than the numbers indicate."

On if "being willing to try anything" will be the team mantra...

"You try to steal possessions if you can. The other thing is, that was us, we're just going to go for it. I think I've always done that. I think we have a guy in Tim (Tebow) that gives you some opportunities on that punt team. While we won't get a punt rushed, I wouldn't rush us, because you never know when he's going to fake it. We're crazy enough to fake it anytime, no matter where the ball is."

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