Deron Williams of the New Jersey Nets looks on against the Los Angeles Clippers at Prudential Center on March 7, 2012 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

Nets News, Rumors: Shelden Williams Latest Player To Be Sidelined

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New Jersey Nets News, Shelden Williams Injury Update: Williams (Eye) Out At Least A Week

Shelden Williams, the only New Jersey Nets player who suited up for each of the first 52 games, will be sidelined at least until April 5 after suffering an eye injury, according to a New York Post report.

With Williams shelved, the Nets are expected to re-sign 6-foot-9 forward Dennis Horner on Friday. Horner began the season with New Jersey after impressing during training camp, but played just five games before being released and heading back to the D-League. During his time with the Nets, Horner averaged 0.8 points and 0.6 rebounds in 3.2 minutes.

The Nets continue to be struck by the injury bug. Jordan Williams is doubtful for Friday's road game against the Golden St. Warriors due to concussion-like symptoms, Brook Lopez continues to sit with an ankle injury, Anthony Morrow has missed two straight games with a bruised shoulder and Jordan Farmar has a sore groin.

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Deron Williams Trade Rumors: Nets Not Trading Star Point Guard

In the wake of Dwight Howard's on-again, off-again pronouncements about whether or not he is willing to remain with the Orlando Magic, the New Jersey Nets have been left to wonder what is next for them. One thing that won't happen if Howard does not agree to a trade to New Jersey is a trade of Deron Williams.

Alex Raskin of Hoopsworld reports that the Nets will hold on to Williams, who can also be a free agent this summer, even if Howard does not join them via trade by Thursday's 3 p.m. ET NBA Trade Deadline. Raskin said the Nets believe "Williams will re-sign if they can make themselves competitive in the offseason."

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Howard has vacillated between saying he wanted to leave Orlando to saying he would stay for one more year, and no one knows for certain how the Magic are reacting to Howard's indecision.

The only thing that is certain is that the trade deadline is Thursday afternoon.

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New Jersey Nets Trade Rumors: Kris Humphries Might Be Willing To Go

There are no indications that the New Jersey Nets are trying to trade power forward Kris Humphries. There are no indications Humphries wants to leave, either. Humphries, though, says he would waive his no-trade clause for the right situation.

"Would you jump off a bridge?" Humphries asked reporters who inquired about his willingness to waive the no-trade. "It depends how high the water is (or) if there was a drowning baby in the water. I mean, because you (might) jump off in the summer, if it was warm out, (and) you know the water was deep underneath.

"It’s all circumstantial, is the point I’m trying to make," he said.

Humphries, 26, is averaging career highs in points (13.6) and rebounds (10.7) per game this season.

What would the right situation be? Humphries did not say, and you have to think Nets general manager Billy King is unlikely to ask.

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New Jersey Nets Trade Rumors: Boris Diaw And His Expiring Contract?

The New Jersey Nets are reportedly interested in acquiring Boris Diaw and his expiring contract from the Charlotte Bobcats prior to Thursday’s NBA Trade Deadline.

From the Observer [via HOOPSWORLD]:

The New Jersey Nets would like Boris Diaw’s expiring $9 million contract number, and they’d give up the future first-round pick the Houston Rockets owe them to accomplish that. The Bobcats would have to take players with financial obligations beyond this season.

I hear Jordan Farmar and Johan Petro would come to Charlotte.

Diaw reportedly has a $9 million contract, and this move would be entirely about clearing cap space for this summer as the Nets try to construct a team to begin their tenure in Brooklyn for the 2012-2013 season.

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The seven-foot Petro is a replaceable spare part. Farmer is averaging a career-best 10.7 points per game this season.

At first blush it seems like a lot to surrender for the cap space. If, however, the Nets need the money for a summer pursuit of Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard it would be a price worth paying.


Nets Trade Rumors: Josh Smith A Fit For New Jersey?

Could unhappy Atlanta Hawks' forward Josh Smith, who has expressed a desire to be dealt by the March 15 NBA Trade Deadline [via HOOPSWORLD] be a target for the New Jersey Nets? Smith has one year left on his contract after this season at $13.2 million, and if the Nets can fit that number into their budget the move makes sense on a couple of levels.

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First, the small forward spot Smith plays has been a sore spot for the 13-27 Nets all season. The 6-foot-9, 225-pound Smith, who is averaging 17.1 points, 9.8 boards and two blocks a game this season would certainly do that. Smith, 26, is an inconsistent offensive player and poor shooter, but is one of the league's most athletic small forwards and an outstanding defender.

"People look at the offensive end but defensively he changes the game," Hawks coach Larry Drew said recently. "He is one of the few players I think that can play a defensive game and impact the game even if his offense is not on that night."

The other factor that might make Smith an attractive acquisition for the Nets? HOOPSWorld reports that Smith and Dwight Howard, the star Orlando Magic center the Nets are desperately hoping to bring to Brooklyn, have been life-long friends.

HOOPSWORLD also mentions that the Magic, who are still clinging to the idea they can convince Howard to stay, might make a play for Smith for that very reason. It will be interesting to see if the Nets try to beat Orlando to the punch.


Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Does Howard Have Eyes For Brooklyn?

The future of the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets franchise may hing one what happens — or does not happen — in the next seven. The NBA Trade Deadline is March 15, and the question that hangs over the Nets — and really the entire NBA — is ‘will the Orlando Magic trade Dwight Howard to the Nets?’

Most analysts seem to believe that if the Magic — reluctantly — deal the start center before the deadline rather than risk losing him and getting nothing in return this summer that New Jersey remains the only realistic trade partner.

SB Nation NBA Trade Rumors StoryStream | Could Nets Deal For Atlanta's Josh Smith?

Ken Berger of CBS Sports points out that Howard could want Brooklyn more than any other destination not only to play with start guard Deron Williams, but because of off-thecourt opprtunities that would come with being in New York. Berger wrote:

If Howard wants more global exposure and the opportunity to eclipse whatever money he’d be leaving on the table by leaving Orlando, those opportunities will be there for him if he chooses the Nets and joins Deron Williams in Brooklyn next season.

During a roundtable, several NBA experts agreed that, despite the logic of trading Howard and making sure they get something for him, that the Magic appear hell-bent on keeping him and convincing him to stay in Orlando.

If they can’t get Howard the Nets run the risk of losing Williams to free agency this summer.


Dwight Howard Rumors: Does Lopez Injury Impact Potential Deal?

As soon as New Jersey Nets center Brook Lopez went down Sunday with a sprained ankle that will sideline him for three weeks, the question became obvious. With Lopez being the prime bait, how does that impact the Nets ability to make a trade for Orlando Magic superstar center Dwight Howard before the March 15 NBA Trade Deadline? According to at least one report, Lopez' injury should not impact a potential deal.

Pro Basketball Talk writes that "a standard sprain is not going to scare a team off" and still considers the Nets the front runner. If, that is, the Magic actually decide to deal Howard before the deadline and not roll the dice on trying to keep him -- and potentially losing him without getting anything in return.

The Magic say that six to eight teams are still in contact with them about Howard.

The Nets, of course, are hoping to add Howard to a lineup that includes star point guard Deron Williams.


Nets Trade Rumors: New Jersey Interested In Michael Beasley?

Is Michael Beasley on the radar of the New Jersey Nets? The Minnesota Timberwolves forward has become expendable due to the emergence of rookie Derrick Williams. Now the Timberwolves are looking to deal Beasley, according to multiple reports. Among the teams interested in Beasley is the Nets.

In fact, the Nets were on the short list of teams contacted by Minnesota.

According to multiple FOX Sports Ohio sources, the Wolves have already spoken with New Jersey, Houston and the L.A. Lakers about Beasley. (Fox Sports Ohio)

However, the report also says that Beasley's most likely landing spot is with the Boston Celtics, which might unload Jermaine O'Neal to get Beasley.

Beasley is averaging the fewest points (12.8) and rebounds per game (5.3) of his career this season.

The Nets have been trying to upgrade their small forward position, and talent-wise the 6-foot-9 Beasley would do just that. If the Nets are trying to put together a trade for Beasley they have until March 15, the NBA trade deadline.

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Deron Williams Rumors: Nets Understand The Dallas Threat

There has been and will continue to be speculation that New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams could head home to play for the Dallas Mavericks next season if the Nets are unable to bring Dwight Howard to Brooklyn for the 2012 season. With the Nets playing in Dallas tonight Williams was, of course, asked about the Mavericks. As the Star-Ledger reported, Nets fans "won't get any reasurance" from what Williams said.

"It's probably my favorite (arena) to play in. I just enjoy playing here - I enjoy playing in front of my friends, family. It's always good they get the chance to come and see me play," Williams said.

That isn't exactly a "see ya later" shot across the bow of the Nets. It is, however, fair warning. And the Nets definitely do not have their heads in the sand on this one. Listen to coach Avery Johnson:

"For me personally, working for Mark Cuban, he's a threat, okay?" said Johnson, who coached the Mavs 2005-2008. "I know the guy. So I think because of the success he's had - and I know he got criticized a lot for ... all those years where he didn't win a championship - but he's had some really great success here that rivals any situation. So that's a threat. And for us, we don't make any assumptions until we get Deron signed on the dotted line."

The Nets are in a fight to change the fortunes of their franchise when they move to Brooklyn. How it turns out is still anybody's guess at this point.


Nets Rumors: If They Can't Get Howard, Will They Also Lose Deron Williams?

If the New Jersey Nets lose out on Orlando Magic superstar center Dwight Howard could they also end up losing point guard Deron Williams? Our friends at SB Nation's NetsDaily have uncovered a couple of reports indicating that is a distinct possibility.

The Nets, of course, have pinned their hopes on bringing in Howard via trade or free agency -- most likely the latter at this point -- and pairing him with the extraordinary point guard Williams as they move into their new home in Brooklyn for the 2012-2013 season this coming fall.

Losing out on Howard then having Williams exit via free agency this summer is the nightmare scenario for New Jersey. Via Nets Daily, ESPN Insider Chad Ford thinks it is more than just a possibility.

The only scenario where he doesn't [leave as a freee agent] is if the Nets swing a deal for Dwight Howard at the trade deadline. At that point, I think Williams hangs around. If that doesn't happen, I think Williams will join Dwight Howard in Dallas next summer. Lots of signals pointing to this being the preferred outcome for both players."

That is not what the Nets, and their fans, want to hear.


Wojnarowski: Nets Or Mavericks For Dwight Howard

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, one of the most well-connected and knowledgeable NBA writers in the business, said Thursday he believes Orlando Magic superstar center Dwight Howard will wind up with either the Brooklyn Nets or Dallas Mavericks next season.

"There's really two scenarios for him in free agency," Wojnarowski told WEEI Radio. "One is going to Brooklyn with Deron Williams and the other is going to be Dallas."

Wojnarowski offered a scenario that would be a nightmare for Nets fans. He stated that the Mavericks would like to unload the contract of forward Shawn Marion, then use the cap space to pursue BOTH Howard and Williams as free agents during the offseason.

"If they can get rid of Shawn Marion Dallas is in the game for both those guys," Wojnarowski said.

The Nets, of course, have been hoping to add another marquee player to add to Williams as they move to Brooklyn next season. The most likely target at this point has been Howard. Losing out on Howard, then watching Williams follow him to the Mavericks, would be devastating for the franchise as it tries to get a fresh start in Brooklyn.


Nets Trade Rumors: New Jersey Still Favorite For Dwight Howard?

The Dwight Howard Saga has been ongoing since the off-season and much like when LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony were threatening to switch teams, the New Jersey Nets have been in the forefront of rumors as potential suitors for the mega-starts.

Prior to the regular season the Nets appeared to be on the verge of acquiring Howard via trade, but talks fell through when the centerpiece of the deal in exchange for Howard, Brook Lopez, suffered a foot injury that sidelined him for the entire season up to this point.

According to the New York Post, the Nets are still confident about their chances of acquiring Howard:

The Nets have been quietly confident all along about Howard.As the Knicks thought about Anthony last year, the Nets and obviously believe if they land him they can keep him. And they believe they can land him. So some around the Nets have used those buzzwords "favorable ... strong ... good."

-- For more Nets coverage, visit our team page, or our blog Nets Daily.

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