Panthers 17, Jets 12: Tim Tebow Post-Game Quotes

On the offenses’ level of frustration…
Obviously, we wanted to put it in the end zone, especially at the end trying to drive downfield and win the game. Unfortunately, we came up a little short. I think we got better at some things. We still have to continue to improve and find a way to win the game.

On the team’s performance…
There were some things that we did really good. Obviously, there are some things we want to get better at. But, I feel like we made some strides, especially this week in practice. We showed some growth.

On why the pace in training camp hasn’t translated to games…
I think you saw some of that translate today. That first drive, with Mark, went really well. That was really fast-paced. You get to the ball, trying to get plays off in a hurry. I think when we went no-huddle there at the end, we moved the ball well too, we just ran out of time. I feel like some of that has translated. It’s not like we’ve done all of our no-huddle stuff that much.

On evaluating his play tonight…

I had some things that we did pretty well. But, you have to find a way to put the ball in the end zone. That’s something that we’ll go back and try to get better at.

On what Head Coach Rex Ryan told the team after the game…
We did some things better. We’ve got to continue to improve and have two great weeks of practices and get ready for Buffalo.

On if the offense will be ready against Buffalo…
I think we’ll be ready. I think we’ll have some great weeks of practices. We’ll get better and be ready to go.

On finishing the preseason…
It will be fun to go out there and play a real game and strap it up with Buffalo.

On how he would describe the offense…
I think when the season gets here and we’re game-planning and show more stuff, I think it’ll be a pretty good offense.

On if he thought the offense would score a touchdown on the final drive of the game…
Oh yeah, absolutely. That’s just the way I’m built. (I thought) we had it the whole time. I still feel like we should have had it. That’s just something I feel like we do. (We) just came up one or two plays short.

On if he saw TE Hayden Smith on fourth down on the final drive…
I saw him. I figured that was going to be one of our best shots. A tall receiver, someone who is obviously used to going up and getting the ball. "Scrums" or whatever they’re called (laughs). I figured (with) a split-safety, he had a chance down the middle and tried to buy a little time, I tried to put it where he could get it. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t connect.

On if the offense has run plays in preseason games that are likely to be run in the regular season…
I don’t know, that’s a good question (laughs). We’ll see when Buffalo gets here.

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