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Tebow called 'terrible' by teammate

Some New York Jets players appear to be turning on Tim Tebow.


Report: Tebow not being discussed in trade to Jags

Despite recent reports, it doesn't appear the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars are talking about a Tim Tebow trade.


Sources confirm Jets will not trade Tim Tebow

The Jets have no plans to trade their backup quarterback, according to sources.


Sparano thinks he can do better job with Tebow

Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano believes he can do a better job of using backup quarterback Tim Tebow.


Tim Tebow voted 'most overrated' by NFL players

In a Sports Illustrated NFL players poll, New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was voted the most overrated in the NFL, commanding 32 percent of the vote.


VOTE: Should the Jets trade Tim Tebow?

Should the New York Jets trade Tim Tebow? With the NFL Trade Deadline coming Oct. 30 the subject is worth discussing.


Tebow time! Jets need to turn to Tim

The Jets really have little choice but to eventually replace Mark Sanchez at quarterback with Tim Tebow.


OPINION: Jets should say no to Tim Tebow

Despite struggling on offense, quarterback Mark Sanchez gives the New York Jets the best chance to win.


Rex Ryan says no to 'what if' scenarios

Rex Ryan discusses his thought process during Sunday's disappointing loss to the San Francisco 49ers.


Rex Ryan says no to Tebowmania

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan says Tim Tebow will not be replacing Mark Sanchez as the team's starting quarterback.


Rex Ryan Defends Lack Of Playing Time For Tim Tebow

Jets Nation -- well, at least the tiny corner of Jets Nation here at SB Nation New York -- is up in arms about Tim Tebow only playing three snaps at quarterback for the New York Jets on Sunday in a 27-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Head coach Rex Ryan had to deal with the 'why didn't Tebow play more on offense' questions on Monday.

"I thought we were doing a great job offensively early in the game, especially the beginning of that game. Almost the entire first half, I thought we were moving the ball well. For us, we're always going to do what's in the best interests of (our) team, what (we) think is going to give (our) team a chance to be successful.," Ryan said. "We did have some Wildcat plays going into that game, but as the game went on, we're down by 10 points late in that game, I even thought about it. But it was more like, ‘Hey, we're down, let's see if we can't make some plays.' We knew we we're getting a lot of press coverage on the outside, we thought we could make some plays."

Translation: We were losing and Tebow can't throw.

"We've always said from day one that we can do it 20 times, 40 times, 10 times, two times, whatever, but we determine that. It's not just going to be that these specific things have to be lined up. It's just that that's exactly what happened in this game," Ryan said. "Does that mean that given the exact same scenario against a different opponent that we may or may not use it? That'll be (up to) us. We'll always do what we think is in the best interests of our football team."

As we pointed out earlier today, that meant sticking with Mark Sanchez, who completed a Tebow-esque 10-of-27 passes.


Is Tebowmania Dead? Tim Tebow Disappearing From Jets' Offense

Tim Tebow has played only 12 offensive snaps in two games, including only three Sunday against Pittsburgh.


Tim Tebow Press Conference, 09.14.12: Trade Demand Rumor 'Pretty Funny'

On who could run the Wildcat best other than him...
I don't know, that's a good question. I feel like we have a lot of talented guys on this offense. I feel, if practiced, a lot of guys could step up and do it.

On Joe McKnight...
Well, his athleticism, his skillset, is very unique. He's someone that is very fast, very athletic, can be kind of like a slash, a receiver, (and) a running back. He can do a lot of things and that's someone that's very rare.

On how big of a factor the Wildcat can be against Pittsburgh ...
Well, we want to be a factor and be able to be effective and execute and be efficient when we're in there. But, I think that also depends on play calling time and how many opportunities they put in (for) the Wildcat. We just want to find ways to hold on to the ball, to get first downs, to keep our defense off of the field and if we can do that through the Wildcat, that'd be great.

On if he likes the fact that other teams don't know how he will be used...

I don't know. I guess there's some sort of (benefit in) them having to plan without knowing exactly (what we're going to do), which is good. (It) definitely takes up more of their practice time and reps and thinking about certain things. So in that way, I think it's a good thing.

On the reports stating he will ask for a trade in 2013...
That's what these guys told me about a little bit ago. I find that pretty funny. It's about as true as me living in Hoboken, I think. (laughter) I guess it's just part of what you have to deal with, is rumors and stuff like that, I don't know. All I can say is, I love being here as a Jet, I'm thankful for it and I want to be here for a long time. I guess you just have to put up with stuff like that.

On if he has anything against Hoboken...
(Laughter) Nothing, except everybody says I live there, still to this day.

On if he sees similarities between working with Coach Ryan and Coach Westhoff...
Yeah, there are definitely some similarities.

On the similarities between Coach Ryan and Coach Westhoff...
(The) passion. The way they just coach, it's kind of similar as far as, (they are) just very outgoing, serious, but kind of humorous at the same time, if that makes sense. (They are) never afraid to step in there, in the middle of plays. (It) doesn't always have to be perfect, it's kind of coaching in a bit of a chaotic way, which is kind of on the run and it's fun. I think that's effective, as well.

On whether Westhoff has talked to him about other players he has used in a similar way...
Yeah, he has talked to me about certain things he did with Brad Smith and other guys. Being around Coach Westhoff, you hear a lot of stories. He's one of the best I've been around as far as telling stories. So you hear a lot of stories about old guys and stuff that he did in all sorts of situations.


Tim Tebow To Request Trade Following 2012 NFL Season?

Reports speculate that if Tim Tebow continues to be a backup with a bit part for the entire season, the third-year QB would request a trade from the New York Jets.


Tim Tebow, Jets Ready To Unleash The Wildcat

Though still shrouded in mystery, it is expected that the New York Jets will employ their version of the Wildcat offense with quarterback Tim Tebow at the controls beginning in Week 1 on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

As anticipation heightens for just how Tebow will be utilized, the quarterback says he will know when a Wildcat play is about to be implemented at the same time as everyone else.

"It's basically whenever Coach Sparano calls them. We have to have the capability to go out there and run it," Tebow said. "Maybe they'll let me know more of what they think by the end of this week. But as of right now, you just have to be ready. Whenever (they) feel we should do some of this, we'll do it. If it's one play, five plays, whatever it is, who knows.

"I just want to be able to help anyway I can. Hopefully, I'm able to do something to help this team win football games."

When asked if he knew, specifically, when he's expected to go in, Tebow said, "When they say, "Hey, go in."

Tebow was also asked about the relatively-low expectations hovering over the Jets heading into their season opener.

"We don't have to answer that with words. We just have to go out there and try to play a good game," Tebow said. "We're excited about it. It's our opener. We only get one a year, so we better make the most of it."

For more on the Jets, head over to Gang Green Nation, and stick to SB Nation New York for all the latest updates on the team throughout the course of the season.


Woody Johnson: 'You Can Never Have Too Much Tebow'

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson has officially embraced backup quarterback Tim Tebow. Johnson, the National Finance Committee Co-Chair to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was interviewed at the Republican National Convention on CNBC. When asked if the key to curing the Jets' offensive problems lie in using the popular backup more or less, he threw his support behind Tebow.

I think you can never have too much Tebow, but I think it's more than just that. It's getting all the players -- the offensive line and everything coordinated (so) you can establish a good running attack . . . and also have our receivers healthy and ready to participate and contribute to the effort. It's a lot of timing and teamwork that we need

Tebow, along with most of the Jets' starters, likely won't play in the Jets' preseason finale against the Philadelphia Eages on Thursday night.

For more on the Jets, please be sure to check out our blog Gang Green Nation and SB Nation New York for all the latest news and updates.


WFAN At Jets Camp: Tim Tebow Addresses Boomer Esiason

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was interviewed by WFAN morning show hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton on Thursday morning. Esiason has been critical of Tebow as of late, including saying that he did not believe the Jets should even use Tebow as a quarterback.

In Thursday's interview, Tebow talked about how he deals with the media scrutiny in New York.

"I really try not to think about it. I just try to live my life day to day, meeting to meeting, practice to practice and, you know, stay focused on the little things and not worry about everything else -- what's in the tabloids, what's in the papers, what people are saying about me," Tebow said.

While Tebow has been trying to make the team as a quarterback, he has been used as a punt protector.

"I consider myself a quarterback that, they ask me to do other things to help this team. So if I have the ability and attributes to do something else and help this team, I'm gonna put my heart and soul into doing that," Tebow said.

[Mark Sanchez says he is 'flying under the radar']

Esiason, though critical of Tebow, admits that the quarterback "oozes genuine." However, he vows to call out Tebow when the situation arises. Tebow on the other hand, just wants to win.

"I think more than anything you would want people to say, ‘There's someone that helps the team win football games.' That's ultimately why you play the game ... to win. And however I can help the team win football games, that's what I want to do," Tebow said.

For more on the Jets, check out Gang Green Nation, and keep coming to SB Nation New York.


Today In Tebowmania! 'Tim Tebow Law' Passes, And Boomer Esiason Sounds Off Again

South Carolina has passed the 'Tim Tebow Law,' and the Jets backup QB is again under fire from former NFL quarterbacks


Jets Training Camp 2012: Tim Tebow Could Be Seen On Kickoffs

When a NFL franchise like the New York Jets acquires a high-profile player who's expected to spend most of a game sitting on the bench it will try just about anything to get him on the field. That's what it seems the Jets are doing with Tim Tebow, who could now be asked to be a part of the Jets kickoff team, reports New York Daily News' Manish Mehta.

"I think there might be some value there on kickoff returns," assistant special teams coach Ben Kotwica told me. "It’s something that we’ve talked about. I don’t think there’s any option with Tim that we’ve taken off the table. So, that would be something that would be new to him as well. In what we’ve asked him to do as the personal protector (right now), he’s done an excellent job."

According to Kotwica, Tebow thus far has been impressive on special teams coverage, but there hasn't been a final decision on what Tebow will do on special teams. That decision will come during training camp.

"There’s certain guys that… if you ask them to go be the personal protector, you go ask them to be the fullback, you ask them to be the quarterback, you ask them to be the tight end, they simply get things done," Kotwica said. "I think you’d be hard pressed to say that Tim is not one of those guys that gets things done."

For more coverage of the Jets, be sure to check out Gang Green Nation and SB Nation New York for all your needs. Also return to this StoryStream for updates on 2012 New York Jets offseason news.


New York Jets 2012 Mini-Camp: Tim Tebow Disappear? Never!

Tim Tebow disappear? That is what former New England Patriots linebacker and current ESPN analyst Tedi Bruschi thinks the New York Jets wildly popular backup quarterback should do.

Tebow's response?

I don't know that I can help him with that. It would be pretty hard," Tebow said.

Umm, yes. Yes, it would. Witness Wednesday's mini-camp practice that was open to the public at the Jets Florham Park Park practice facility.

Tebow took two -- yes, two!! -- snaps with the first-team offense. Gasp! Add some fuel to the controversy between Tebow and starter Mark Sanchez.

"Coach Ryan does that every now and then, just kind of throws you in there. I don't know that it's necessarily planned, I think it's just a feel thing, however (practice is) going," Tebow said. "So, the last two plays, (they) threw me in there and I tried to make the most of them."

Need More Tebow? Here Is The Full Press Conference Transcript

Then there was the big news that Tebow is bigger than he has ever been. He weighs 249 pounds, up from the 240 or so he played at last season with the Denver Broncos.

"I just feel like I'm just training hard and just trying to be in shape and be strong enough to handle anything, but also fast enough to be able to run around a little bit as well," Tebow said.

Tebow's throwing mechanics, of course, are always a nice topic of conversation.

"I feel like I am getting better every single day. I feel like I've made a lot of strides, a lot of improvements through this OTA, mini-camp time and hopefully I'll continue that through training camp," Tebow said.

Ahh, Tebowmania! Always something to talk about. Gotta love it!

More Jets: Rex Ryan Press Conference Transcript


New York Jets OTA: Mark Sanchez Agent Takes Shot At Tim Tebow

Of course, Mark Sanchez' agent Brian Murphy said he was not trying to "disrespect" Tim Tebow. Of course, that he is exactly what he did when he lauded the abilities of the New York Jets starting quarterback Thursday on Twitter.

For his part, Sanchez was asked Thursday if he thinks about the increased scrutiny caused by Tebow's presence. He said no.

"No offense to Tim, I'm not really thinking about Tim. I'm thinking about the play we have, the protection we have, what potential blitz we're going to get and making sure everybody's lined up in the right spot," Sanchez said. "So, my mind is racing a million miles an hour."

Convenient, though, that Murphy chose to make his remarks on a day when the big story around Tebow was that he threw a pair of interceptions during 7-on-7 drills.


New York Jets OTA 2012: Tim Tebow Throws Two Interceptions, Internet Explodes

Tim Tebow threw a pair of interceptions in the 7-on-7 portion of practice Thursday during the New York Jets OTA, and the Twitter-verse went nuts with condemnation of the backup quarterback.

An incredibly overzealous Gary Myers of the New York Daily News went so far as to tweet "Sanchez lengthening lead in Jets QB derby."


Tebow called the interceptions "frustrating."

NFL.com's Kim Jones Reports On The OTA

"Both of those plays, (it) was the first time I ran them. So I will learn from it and that is it. It won't bother me again. When you make a bad play, just put it behind you and move on," Tebow said. "Both times he [offensive coordinator Tony Sparano] was saying ‘You have to take your check down. It is right there in front of you.' That is obviously a learning point for me that I didn't learn the first time."

Tebow is also working on the Jets punt coverage team, and admits it is something he has never done before.

"I'll do whatever I can to help the team," Tebow said. "I just go out there and have fun and try to do my job to the best of my abilities (and do) whatever I'm asked to do."


Tim Tebow 'Has Good Mechanics,' Says Jets QB Coach

Tim Tebow has good throwing mechanics? With a 47.3 percent career completion rate in two NFL seasons? Who knew?

"I think he can be very good," New York Jets quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. "I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him over an extended period of time . . . not just watching him play on film. I think he's certainly got the arm strength. He has good mechanics. They're getting better every day."

Cavanaugh was also effusive in his praise of Tebow's work ethic.

"He doesn't let a day go by when he's not focused on trying to get better at something," Cavanaugh said. "When you're in that role as a backup, you take every rep, every drill, every offseason practice or meeting to get better. . . . The playing time? Nobody knows how much it's going to be. So I don't think we worry about that."

How can any of this be good news for current starter Mark Sanchez? And how can all of this lead anywhere but to Tebow eventually becoming the Jets starting quarterback?


Tim Tebow Vs. Mark Sanchez: Jets Starting Quarterback 'Not Threatened' By Addition

Now, that Tim Tebow is officially a part of the New York Jets organization and introduced himself to the media on Monday, the debate between Tebow and incumbent starting quarterback Mark Sanchez will rage on. Though, it seems the Jets front office is trying to push Sanchez -- both mentally and possibly physically out of his starting job -- the Jets' starting QB says, he doesn't feel threatened by the move.

"We’re adding another player and were not replacing anybody," Sanchez said during a conference call from California. "I mean, he’s here to help us and I’m confident in my abilities. I know the team feels the same way about me. They have belief in me. … I’m not worried about losing my spot."

Sanchez admitted to not watching the Tebow press conference on Monday, but instead he was throwing and working out.

When asked if he will worry about fans calling for Tebow if he struggles early in a game, Sanchez brushed off that question as well.

"That stuff happens whether you’re Tim Tebow or not," Sanchez said. "They call for the backup any time you’re not playing to your potential, so that’s just part of the job if you’re not playing well."

Meanwhile, for those fans curious as to why Sanchez wasn't asked about the trade beforehand, check this from head coach Rex Ryan:

For more on the Jets, head to Gang Green Nation, and for more on the Jets' offseason, follow SB Nation New York's StoryStream.


Tim Tebow Press Conference: Circus Is Coming To Town

The New York Jets will hold an introductory press conference for Tim Tebow on Monday, and before Tebow even steps in front of a microphone it has become obvious some of his new teammates are not welcoming the former Denver Broncos quarterback with open arms.

From the New York Post:

Several current Jets, who spoke with The Post on Saturday, asked not to be quoted but expressed disbelief at the team bringing in Tebow.

The idea of a backup quarterback having a press conference is something they can't wrap their heads around, and they know it's just the beginning.

Related: Joe Montana Chooses Sanchez | Phil Simms Chooses Tebow

Former Jet and current ESPN analyst Damien Woody did not have to couch his opinion.

"How do you manage a natural disaster?" Woody said. "People say they're preparing for an earthquake. No, you're not. There's no way to prepare for it. Once it happens, it creates devastation. It's the same thing here. They talk about being prepared for it. No, you're not because you've never experienced it before. They have no idea."

Jets owner Woody Johnson today reacted angrily to the opinion that the acquisition of Tebow is a marketing ploy."Let me be really clear about this, we work for the fans and the fans want us to win games," Johnson said from the NFL owners meetings in Florida.

"So all of the decisions we make regarding the team are just for football. It's hard to predict other things. If you get confused in term of what your mission is, you're not going to accomplish your mission. And our mission is to win games pure and simple. We think that Tim Tebow has been a winner all his life."


Tebowmania Comes To Broadway! Jets Have Become The 1980s Yankees

Tim Tebow is a New York Jet. What happens next? Nobody knows.

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