Nets Offseason: Williams Agrees To Stay With Brooklyn Nets

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Deron Williams Signing: Brooklyn Nets, Williams Make It Official

NBA teams can officially sign free agents Wednesday. The Brooklyn Nets wasted no time announcing their most important signing, Deron Williams. The three-time NBA All-Star, 28, has inked a deal reported to be worth $98 million over five years, and will be the centerpiece of the franchise as it moves from New Jersey to the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

"We are obviously thrilled that Deron will lead the Nets into our new home in Brooklyn," said King. "Deron is in my opinion the top point guard in the NBA. With his leadership and guidance on and off the court, the fans of Brooklyn should be proud."

Williams played in 55 games last season, averaging a career-high 21 points per game to go along with 8.7 assists.

"I am really excited to be able to officially say that Brooklyn is home," said Williams. "It is an incredible time to play in Brooklyn and to be a part of this organization, the first sports team to call Brooklyn home in over 50 years. I believe in the team and what we are going to be able to accomplish on the court, as well as in the community. My family and I have come to know New York and the more we do, the more we love it. I look forward to going to London to represent the United States in the Olympics and then coming back to Brooklyn to open Barclays Center."

Williams is a member of Team USA, which will represent the U.S. in the Olympics this summer in London.


Deron Williams Extension: Williams, Nets Reportedly Agree To 5-Year, $100 Million Deal

The Brooklyn Nets have reportedly agreed to a 5-year, $98-million contract extension with star point guard Deron Williams

Williams himself tweeted "Made a very tough decision today...." and then posted a picture of the Brooklyn Nets logo (via Williams' Twitter).

Williams had been deciding between a return home to Texas with the Dallas Mavericks or staying with the Nets and signing an extension. Ultimately, he chose to stay with Brooklyn, which has been trying to stockpile some talent to surround the point guard. The Nets recently traded for Hawks guard Joe Johnson, re-signed forward Gerald Wallace and reached an agreement with Bosnian forward Mirza Teletovic.

Last season for the Nets, Williams averaged 21 points, 8.7 assists, 3.3 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game in 55 games.

For more on the Nets, please be sure to visit our blog Nets Daily for all the latest news and updates.


Deron Williams Free Agency Rumors: Mavericks Resigned To Losing Williams?

Deron Williams met with both the Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Mavericks on Monday, and from the reports coming out of those meetings it seems like the Mavericks are resigned to Williams choosing to stay in Brooklyn as the Nets open the Barclays Center.

One report indicated that Dallas owner Mark Cuban did not even attend the franchise's meeting with Williams. [via Ken Berger of CBS Sports]

That would be a sure sign that the Mavericks are not expecting to land Williams. As would the fact that a source called the meeting a "wasted trip."

Thus, the news appears to be getting better and better for Brooklyn. The Nets have agreed to a deal for star shooting guard Joe Johnson. It now appears they are very much in play for Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. Now Williams, the reason for all of the frenzied activity in the first place, seems headed to Brooklyn along with the Nets franchise.

If all three of these dominoes fall into place could life get any better, Nets fans?


Deron Williams Free Agency Rumors: Nets Hope To Have Decision Within 24-48 Hours

Deron Williams met with the New Jersey Nets on Monday. Sources told Yahoo! Sports that the Nets had a "good" meeting with the point guard, and that the organization hopes to have a decision from the unrestricted free agent within the next 24-48 hours.

The Nets have made major moves to surround Williams with talent. On Sunday they locked down Gerald Wallace for four years, and on Monday they picked up Joe Johnson in a trade with the Atlanta Hawks. The Nets had to give up five players and a first-round pick in the deal, but they were able to retain Marshon Brooks and Gerald Green.

For more on the Nets, please be sure to visit our blog Nets Daily for all the latest news and updates.


Deron Williams Free Agency Rumors: Jason Kidd Will Join Same Team, According To Report

Free agent point guard Jason Kidd is set to sign with the same team as Deron Williams according to a report from Ric Bucher of ESPN.

Williams will meet with representatives from both the Dallas Mavericks and the Brooklyn Nets on Monday, and would like to make a decision before July 7, when he heads to camp in preparation for the 2012 Olympics in London.

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Williams and Kidd were set to play golf together in The Hamptons this weekend, and Kidd recently purchased a home in East Hampton as well. Kidd was the starting point guard for the Nets from 2001 to 2008, including when they went to the NBA Finals in 2002 and 2003.

According to Bucher, a source close to both players said that Kidd and Williams have already agreed to play for the Nets, while another said Williams is still torn. The Nets entire rebuilding plan as they enter their first season is Brooklyn is, of course, built around getting Williams to stay with the team.

-- For more on Deron Williams' offeseason, check back to this SB Nation New York StoryStream. Meanwhile, for more on the Brooklyn Nets visit the SB Nation blog Nets Daily.


Deron Williams Free Agency Rumors: Three Reasons To Choose The Brooklyn Nets

In a matter of hours, NBA free agency will officially open and Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams has made it clear he plans on making his decision quickly. Most reports indicate the superstar will take his talents to the Dallas Mavericks or help the Nets build their franchise in Brooklyn.

Earlier this week, Ed Valentine explained why Williams should join Dirk Nowitzki with the Mavericks. But I'll give you the three reasons D-Will should stay right where he is and help open the brand new Barclays Center in a big way.

1. Cash. Money. Coin. -- We can talk about the countless reasons Williams should play for both teams, but the one thing he will get in Brooklyn that he cannot get anywhere else in the league (including Dallas) is a true max contract. The Nets can offer a five-year deal worth $109 million, while the most any other franchise can offer is a four-year contract worth $81 million.

Then there are also the endorsement opportunities that will be thrown at the point guard. While playing in New Jersey Williams became a part of the Red Bull family and that deal is likely to be dwarfed by the non-stop offers he finds as the face of a brand new franchise in Brooklyn.

Williams will also be in perfect position to get a second $100 million deal from the Nets in five years when he'll still only be 33 years old.

2. Legacy -- Money is most important for nearly every player once they hit the open market, but for those with a bigger spotlight on them like Williams, the way you are viewed now and in the future is a factor that shouldn't be overlooked.

The Mavericks already have their title and the man that led them there -- Nowitzki -- will never be surpassed in the eyes of Dallas fans by any modern day player. That would leave Williams in a no-win situation, because even if he is able to win it all, he'll still never get as much credit as Dirk, but will be given plenty of the blame if the franchise comes up short.

In Brooklyn, Williams has the rare chance to be the first face of a franchise, something that will never happen in the NBA in New York ever again. If he can lead the Nets to a title during his run at Barclays, Williams will reach the sort of legend status that few players get to see.

3. Dwight Howard -- Sure, the "Dwightmare" is still ongoing and Howard could easily play in Orlando, Houston or Los Angeles for most or all of the 2012-13 season. But until he signs a long-term deal somewhere other than Brooklyn, everything points to the center wanting to be a part of the "new" Nets.

It might not be as soon as Williams, GM Billy King and owner Mikhail Prokhorov would like, but the possibility of Howard joining the Nets in 2013 has to be an appealing scenario. Imagine a squad of Williams, Gerald Green, Gerald Wallace, Brook Lopez and Howard taking the floor of the Barclays Center, or as it could be known by then: The House That Deron Built.


Deron Williams Free Agency Rumors: Jason Kidd Believes Nets Have Great Chance To Keep Williams

We are just days from knowing where Brooklyn Nets free agent Deron Williams will play next season. While a handful of a teams could make a play for him financially, reports are the All Star will only consider the Nets and the Dallas Mavericks.

Former Nets and current Mavs guard (and free agent to be himself) Jason Kidd believes GM Billy King and owner Mikhail Prokhorov have every reason to feel confident they can hold onto Williams. Talking to ESPN's Ric Bucher, Kidd said the Nets "should" believe they have a great chance to win the D-Will sweepstakes.

Though Kidd isn't an "inside source", he does have more insight than most. Not only does he share an agent with Williams, but Kidd could end up backing him up wherever he does sign. If anyone outside the Williams camp could have a good read on the situation, it's the future Hall of Fame point guard.

If playing for your hometown crowd was such a draw, Kidd could go and sign with the Golden State Warriors, but he told Bucher about how that quickly becomes more of a distraction than anything else.

"At an early age, the phone just doesn't stop ringing and ticket requests don't stop coming," Kidd said.

Being a part of the Brooklyn Nets, both Williams and Kidd can just deal with the normal attention that comes with being an NBA star. No need to turn down countless requests from people you've known all of your life (or who feel they've known you) but instead just worry about basketball.

Maybe Williams wants the pressure of playing at home, but if you listen to Kidd, it could be one more reason the Nets are confident in keeping their superstar.


Deron Williams Free Agency Rumors: Three Reasons To Choose The Dallas Mavericks

Will Deron Williams choose the Brooklyn Nets or the Dallas Mavericks? Here is why he should choose the Mavericks.


Deron Williams Rumors 2012: Guard Has Narrowed Choice To Either Nets Or Mavericks, According To Report

Deron Williams is one of the most highly coveted free agents of the 2012 NBA offseason, and his focus on either the Brooklyn Nets or the Dallas Mavericks remains unchanged. The Nets have more room to offer Williams a substantial salary, but that isn't the only factor in his decision. As he told the LA TImes (via SB Nation Basketball):

"I want to go to a place where I feel like they will have a chance to build and build fast. I'm not really in the mood for being part of a rebuilding process. I'm getting older. I'm about to be 28. I want to win. I want to win now. Also, I want to live in a place where I want to live and my kids will enjoy living. That's pretty much it."

Fans may not have to wait long to find out where Williams will end up: Free agency begins July 1. At that point, Williams' agent will reportedly tell other teams that the guard is only interested in the Nets and the Mavericks.

For more on the Brooklyn Nets and Deron Williams, stay tuned to this storystream. For more on NBA free agency, don't miss the 2012 NBA Free Agency Rumors storystream, and for all things Nets check out Nets Daily. And don't miss SB Nation on YouTube:


Deron Williams Rumors 2012: Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks Still Top Star's List, According To Report

Free agent point guard Deron Williams has not decided which team he wants to join but the Brooklyn Nets remain at or near the top of his list, Chris Broussard of ESPN reported on Wednesday.

Broussard reports that Williams likes the Nets for a lot of reasons: His family enjoys the area, he has good relationships with head coach Avery Johnson and general manager Billy King, and he believes the Nets have a brighter future than most NBA observers do.

The Nets can also offer Williams more money than other franchises, but Broussard warns that money won't be the sole factor in Williams' destination.

Related: Steve Nash Would Consider New York Knicks

The Dallas Mavericks, according to Broussard, represent Brooklyn's greatest competition for Williams' services. Broussard also mentions a long shot, the Phoenix Suns, that he believes could make a strong case to land the three-time All-Star. The Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks could look to get in on the sweepstakes using sign-and-trade scenarios.

For more on Deron Williams' offeseason, check back to this SB Nation New York StoryStream. Meanwhile, for more on the Brooklyn Nets visit the SB Nation blog Nets Daily.


Deron Williams Update: Williams Takes To Twitter, Calls Out Reporter

Deron Williams wants to know where Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports gets his information. Williams took to Twitter today to call out the Yahoo! basketball reporter.


Deron Williams Reportedly Won't Stay With The Brooklyn Nets Without Dwight Howard

According to Yahoo! Sports, winning the Anthony Davis sweepstakes will only help the Brooklyn Nets so much, because Deron Williams will still be on his way out the door.

Brooklyn has been hoping that if a minor miracle happens on Wednesday night in the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery and they get the top pick, Williams would stick around with Davis coming into the fold.

However, it seems the only way Williams will remain a Net is with a trade for Dwight Howard, the embattled Orlando Magic center.

Williams reportedly doesn't want to have to wait around for the team to turn into a serious contender in the Eastern Conference, and who can blame him? It's been a tough year and a half for the star point guard, losing tons of games while waiting for a big star to come join him.

Brooklyn needs to make a move and fast, or it appears Williams won't be around to open the Barclays Center in the fall. According to the report from Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski, a Davis-for-Howard swap is one the Nets are willing to make -- provided they land the No. 1 overall pick and have that opportunity

-- For more on the Nets, please be sure to visit our blog Nets Daily and SB Nation New York for all the latest news and updates.


Deron Williams Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers A Possible Landing Spot?

Could Brooklyn Nets star point guard Deron Williams end up as a running mate for Kobe Bryant with the Los Angeles Lakers next season. Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated reported today that Williams would be amenable to playing alongside Kobe.

A source close to the three-time All-Star said he would be interested in joining the Lakers, though it would have to be via a sign-and-trade deal. (Lakers point guard Ramon Sessions, who was acquired from Cleveland at the trade deadline, has a $4.5 million player option for next season.) The source said Williams' preference, however, is for the Nets to improve the roster sufficiently enough that he can feel good about staying put rather than fear a repeat of this season, when they finished 22-44. As for Dallas, which sacrificed its best chance to defend the title by preserving salary-cap space last summer in anticipation of this free-agent class, the source said of the Mavericks: "There's no longevity there." If owner Mark Cuban can clear enough space to sign a worthy sidekick for Williams, though, then maybe Williams would join his hometown team after all.

Amick reported that a Williams trade would be Plan B for the Lakers if they can't get the Orlando Magic to bit on an Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard deal.

Williams would actually make sense for the Lakers, who really do not have a point guard to run their offense and make life easier for Bryant and whichever big man they keep, Bynum or Pau Gasol.

If the Nets can't keep Williams a sign-and-trade for one of the two Laker big men -- with Bynum probably the preferred choice because he is younger -- might be palatable. At least more palatable than losing Williams and getting nothing in return.


Deron Williams Free Agency 2012: Williams Hopes To Make Decision By July 1, But Doesn't Know Yet

Deron Williams wants the world to understand that he does not know where he's headed in free agency, and neither does anyone he knows.

Per Adam Zagoria of Zags Blog:

"I want to reiterate, I don't know what I'm doing next year," the 27-year-old point guard said. "Still, nobody does but me. Not even my mom, my brother, my uncle, my cousin-I haven't talked to anybody about where I'm going next year."

A lot of speculation has suggested that Williams will either return to the Brooklyn Nets or relocate to the Dallas Mavericks. But Williams said his decision -- which he hopes to make by July 1 -- won't necessarily come down to those two teams.

He added: "I just hate that people think they know where I'm going because I don't know where I'm going, so there's no way for them to know. Assuming I'm going to Dallas or I'm staying here - because I don't know. There could be another team that comes into the picture."

For more on Deron Williams' offeseason, check back to this SB Nation New York StoryStream. Meanwhile, for more on the Brooklyn Nets visit the SB Nation blog Nets Daily.


Deron Williams Offseason: Nets, Billy King Confident Guard Will Return

The New Jersey Nets are putting the finishing touches on their 2011-12 campaign, before officially becoming an organization based in Brooklyn. On Tuesday, speaking at the year-end wrap-up press conference in East Rutherford, NJ, Nets general manager Billy King said the franchise is confident that point guard and possibly free-agent-to-be Deron Williams will be making the transition with them.

[ Here Is How Nets Could Keep Williams]

''I feel pretty good,'' King said. ''I haven't wavered all year in my thought process with this. I think he and I understand what I've got to do and where we've got to get to. The goal is to win. The goal is to not be talking to you this early in the year in the spring. If we can come back with our core and add to that, I think we have a great shot to be playing postseason basketball next year.''

Of course, the odds of Williams believing that are slim, especially since the 27-year-old has made it clear that he's going to opt out of his contract and test the free-agent market this offseason. Despite the odds of Williams, who's walking away from $17.8 million next season, resigning, King said resigning him is a high priority.

''Obviously, Deron and Gerald Wallace are key pieces that we would like back in the fold. (And) Brook Lopez,'' said King, who also wants to re-sign Gerald Green, who averaged almost 13 points after coming out of the developmental league. ''They are major, big-time free agents, and you add Humphries in there as a starting four."

For more on Deron Williams' offeseason, check back to this SB Nation New York StoryStream. Meanwhile, for more on the Brooklyn Nets visit the SB Nation blog Nets Daily.

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