The NFL is finally set to re-open for business, meaning no more keeping players away from New Meadowlands Stadium . (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

NFL Lockout Is Over: Player Reps Unanimously OK New CBA

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Post-Lockout Giants And Jets Notes

Here are some New York Giants and New York Jets related notes as the NFL Lockout comes to an end and the business of the 2011 NFL season begins. Finally!

O'Hara 'extremely pleased' lockout is over | New York Daily News

Giants center Shaun O’Hara – the team’s player representative to the NFL Players Association – believed the two sides finally reached a deal that everyone on both sides will benefit from.

"After a long and strenuous process, we are extremely pleased to be able to get back to our jobs," O’Hara said via e-mail. "The business side of the game has been exhausting for everyone, including the fans.  It is our hope that this 10 year agreement will bring a decade’s worth of labor peace and enable the game to continue to grow exponentially.

"The players and the owners truly negotiated this deal, both sides gave and both sides gained, and ultimately everyone will benefit from this deal." news: Promise kept: Jets employees, coaches will recoup lost wages
Jets employees who were mandated to take unpaid furloughs during the NFL lockout will recoup all lost wages, the New York Daily News reported Monday.

For the Jets, Holmes should be the No.1 priority - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

I’m sure there will be plenty of teams that would make an offer if Holmes does hit the open market (Washington for one), but the Jets can’t let it get that far. Let Edwards walk, sign for good money somewhere else and find a player that can duplicate his production in this offense.

But don’t think twice when it comes to Holmes. His value goes beyond just numbers and big plays. And if Rex Ryan wants to keep talking Super Bowl (which I still love hearing) then get the WR back in New York as soon as the new league year opens up.

NFL free agency rush likely to include New York Jets bidding war with Redskins for Santonio Holmes
The Jets play the Redskins in Washington on Dec. 4. There's a good chance Santonio Holmes will be playing in that game. But for which team? inging back Holmes, the top wide receiver playmaker on the market, as an unrestricted free agent is the Jets' No. 1 priority. Sources say the Redskins have also made Holmes, who already has a Super Bowl ring, their No. 1 priority.


Jets' Owner Woody Johnson Issues Statement

Here is the text of a statement from New York Jets’ owner Woody Johnson following the announcement that the 2011 NFL Lockout has ended.

I am pleased to share with you that we have come to terms on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and the 2011 season is under way.

I look forward to welcoming the players back and being with all of you when the team takes the field. Your loyalty and passion help fuel us on a daily basis and drive our pursuit of a championship.

This agreement would not have been possible without a lot of hard work and compromise on both sides. I would like to express my gratitude to all involved, in particular Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith as well as the host of owners and players that contributed to this effort.

It all starts now. The players are returning, Mike and Rex have never been more ready, and Jets football is officially back. I hope you’re ready for what I’m confident will be a memorable 2011 season.

Go Jets!

Johnson’s statement was posted on and emailed to all Jets season ticket holders, suite holders, fans and corporate partners.


Giants, Jets Players Tweet Reactions To End Of NFL Lockout

Via the wonders of Twitter, we can see how players around the NFL are reacting to the end of the NFL Lockout by just sitting at our computers and scrolling. Several New York Giants and New York Jets have already tweeted their reactions. Here is a sampling:

Terrell Thomas of the Giants: Football is back, let's go baby, #NYG to the super bowl

Joe Burnett of the Giants: Thank You Lord #Lockout is Lifted

Joe Burnett, again: Im so excited! It feels good to know we can finally enter the building agian and become great as a team #NYGiants #NFLockout

Jim Leonhard of the Jets: Finally allowed to play football again. I've been waiting for this since December 3rd. Go Jets!!

Braylon Edwards of the Jets: Good Morning #Team17 were back in business #LockoutIsOver now let's find out where we're playing! What team do u wanna see me with?


NFL Lockout: Player Reps Unanimously OK New CBA

The NFL Lockout is, for all intents and purposes, over. NFLPA spokesperson George Atallah tweeted just a little while ago that player reps have voted unanimously to accept the new collective bargaining agreement. The league will begin conducting business on Tuesday, and Inside Football has your official Transition Timeline.

The New York Giants will report to training camp on Friday and the New York Jets on Saturday. Teams are allowed to begin training camp 15 days prior to their preseason opening games.

NFL teams can begin signing drafted and undrafted rookies at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday. They can also begin negotiating with their own unrestricted free agents, even though they can't sign them until Friday, July 29 at 6 p.m. ET.

The CBA will be official when it is ratified by at least 50 percent of the league's players -- something that seems like a formality at this point.

Finally, back to football. And a crazy week ahead.

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