Plaxico Burress Admits Rebelling Against Tom Coughlin

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Plaxico Burress On Tom Coughlin: 'Some Things I Just Didn't Agree With'

Long before he went to prison for shooting himself in the leg while carrying an unlicensed handgun in a Manhattan nightclub, Plaxico Burress had developed a reputation for having a difficult time dealing with authority. In discussing his relationship with New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin during an interview with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, Burress confirmed as much.

"My situation in New York, me and my coach had an ambivalent relationship to say the least," Burress said. "Some things that I didn't agree with, with the way he went about things. And the only way to show my way was to just rebel. Is that who I am? No."

Sorry, Plax. I'm not buying. Actions, as they say, speak louder than words. When you rebel against a coach, and know that your are rebelling, that defines who or what you are.

Shortly after Burress shot himself in 2008 I spoke with Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, who co-authored a book with Burress after the Giants won the Super Bowl. Cole said Burress' "one great fault is that he does not appreciate and does not give in to authority."

Burress told Smith he "didn't like to go to work during the week" while playing for Coughlin.

Burress has been expected to find a team other than the Giants to play for when he resumes his NFL career this fall. These comments make that seem like a virtual certainty.


Plax To The Jets? Sounds About Right...

I don't buy any of the talk out there that the New York Jets aren't really in the Plaxico Burress sweepstakes (if that is what you call bidding for a 34 year old receiver who hasn't played in two years because he has been in prison)...the Jets and Plax is a marriage that makes too much sense to ignore:

First off, the Jets are likely losing their receiver with size and a physical presence, Braylon Edwards. Burress is a logical, short-term, cheap replacement from a football perspective. He would also benefit from playing across from Santonio Holmes who will take most of the double teams from opposing defenses.

Second, if you haven't noticed the Jets like having a story or two around them. There is something about signing a Super Bowl hero from the crosstown rival New York Giants, when they don't want him back, that fits well with this team's recent history...

Third, the Jets aren't worried about Plaxico Burress character concerns. They took on Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, and Antonio Cromartie in the past year and a half. They are confident in Rex Ryan and the veterans in the locker room keeping everybdoy under control.

Finally, why wouldn't Plax want to come to a Super Bowl ready team with a talented young quarterback and the most popular coach in the NFL among players?

If Braylon Edwards leaves via free agency, don't be surprised to see the new #17 in Green and White be Plaxico Burress.

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