Celtics 96, Knicks 86: Celtics Show Knicks What a True Winner Looks Like

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Knicks' Swoon Against Celtics Gets Plenty Of Reaction

The New York Knicks are 7-9 since the trade for Carmelo Anthony. Monday night’s 96-86 loss to Boston, in which the Knicks imploded down the stretch after leading for most of the game, might have been one of the lowest points since the deal.

I gave you my reaction earlier today, and our Chris Celletti gave you his in his post-game recap.

Here are a few other thoughts on the Knicks from around the Inter-Google.

From the New York Times:

While the Knicks’ offense has a number of issues, the team’s dependence on the high screen-roll was the one most responsible for killing their offense late in Monday’s game. The Nash-Stoudemire high pick-and-roll used to be almost unstoppable, but he [D’Antoni] shouldn’t be able to expect his current personnel to be able to break down one of the best defenses in the league with nothing but high ball-screens.

The only thing worse than a lack of offensive movement is superfluous offensive movement that doesn’t put pressure on the defense, and that’s what the Knicks had when they tried to free Stoudemire with screens 30 feet from the hoop. In the first round of the playoffs, the Knicks will almost certainly be facing one of the five best defensive teams in the league. Before that happens, they may want to learn some new tricks on offense.

From Boston’s Glenn ‘Big Baby’ Davis:

“I think they gotta good future and it’s a process. You just can’t win in one year, especially in half a season. Winning is a journey. A wise man told me, ‘If you want to go quick, go by yourself. If you want to ride, you gotta go together.’ So it’s a long journey, and I think the upside is great. I think they have to be more defensive-minded. Everybody can’t score; they gotta get stops. I think they’re a great team. I think they have the tools. I think they need a couple more tools just to get to that championship level.”

Posting and Toasting examined Chauncey Billups struggles with the pick and roll.

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