LeBron's ESPN Announcement Live From Greenwich Conn., And Other Random Free Agency Speculation

A little under 30 hours until the world finds out what’s in the head of one talented 25-year-old small forward, but for now, let’s speculate.

Item 1: Tuesday, we knew LeBron would make his announcement live on TV, but today, we found out that his ESPN show will be filmed in Greenwich, Conn. He’ll be right in the Tri-State Area, about 20 minutes from New York’s city limits, in the first town across the NY-Connecticut border.
Advantage: New York Knicks.

Item 2: New Jersey Nets owner, and, uh, rapper/LeBron friend Jay-Z owns a house in Greenwich.
Advantage: New Jersey Nets

Item 3: So does ex-Knick Allan Houston.
Advantage: New York Knicks, but a lot less.

Item 4: Those two things being said, he will make his announcement from a local Boys and Girls Club.
Advantage: The children of the world.

Item 5: Jared Dudley, the Phoenix Suns small forward who has no connection to LeBron James whatsoever and was kind of irrelevant in the NBA until this year when he randomly led the league in 3-point shooting for about half the season, tweeted that LeBron will join the Knicks.
Advantage: Nobody

Item 6: Eric Mansfield, a TV reporter from Cleveland, claims to have seen tax filings indicating that LeBron is moving from Cleveland to Chicago, indicating he would be playing not for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the Chicago Bulls.
Advantage: Chicago Bulls

Item 7: Mansfield then began tweeting about an item he deemed to be of equal importance, the fact that tall ships are arriving in Cleveland for a tall ship show. He took a photo of some of the boats, indicating nothing about James, but quite a bit about how important he deemed the entire “biggest news story in recent Cleveland sports history” thing.
Advantage: Local Cleveland viewers, and every team that is not the Chicago Bulls

Item 8: Sources indicated that LeBron is between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, and pretty much everybody who is anybody seems to think LeBron will be enticed by Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to play in Miami.
Advantage: MIami Heat.

So there you have it. We’re a little bit over a day away, and we have reason to believe LeBron will be a Knick, Net, Bull, Cavalier, or… a Heat. And I guarantee whoever is right – and somebody will be – will claim they had called it all along and cite themselves as journalistic gods.
One more day of this.

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